10 Best Applock for Android Download Free [ Updated 2017 ]

Best Applock for Android 2017: We all have many things in our smartphones which we don’t want to share with anyone else. In other words, A smartphone is a gadget where we can save much secret stuff such as images, videos, documents, etc. So, we want the best Applock for Android phones that can help us to secure our secret things. Nowadays, we all are making online payments to shops and many other places by using baking and UPI apps. So, we should be in safe side by using a powerful Applock on Android phone. Compare to iOS; Android is much better regarding apps and easy UI. In iOS, you can not find best Applock apps as much you can get for Android OS.

Every day we look at into play store for new games, apps, music and video players, etc. Some of the apps require you to put login details to secure your sensitive data. So, to make privacy safe which is must to do, you should protect your phone from unauthorized users. You can use any Applock to protect your data. And, if you’re an Android user, then you’re at the right place to know about the best Applock for Android mobile phones. Here I came up with Top 10 Best Applock for Android which is free available to download. 🙂

Top 10 Best Applock for Android 2017

Best Applock For Android

By using these Applock apps, you can protect your files by putting strong passwords. So, there’s not any risk of stolen. Let’s scroll down and know these best Applock for Android 2017 that can protect your phone as a security guard. 😀

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1. Applock – Best Applock for Android


AppLock is one of the best Applock for Android 2017 phones. It has more than 100 Million active users with a good number of excellent rating reviews. The DoMobile team develops AppLock, and it has both functionalities; Numbering and Pattern to secure your data. No one else can open apps in your phone untile he/she don’t know the password.

AppLock also allows you to change the background image, Uninstall Protection, App icon hiding system, and much more functions that a user want. You can install themes and plugins from Android Play Store to change its look and for better protection. The Applock is very easy to use, you can quickly lock and unlock apps by tapping on the lock icon.


2. ES App Locker

ES AppLocker

You must have heard about ES File Explorer. It is the best file browsing software and also has many external functions that can blow up your mind for sure. ES App Locker is developed by the same company with some excellent features. Just like as DoMobile’s AppLocker, ES App Locker is also a robust and best Applocker for Android cell phones.

ES App Locker allows you to protect your files by two methods; Numeric Password and Pattern method. You can use one of them to secure your data. According to its features and working style, It is one of the cool Applock for Android phones. 🙂


3. Perfect Applock

Perfect Applock

Just like as its name, Perfect AppLock is strongest and best Applock for Android mobile phones. By using it, you can easily protect your apps, files, and documents that you don’t want to show to anyone else. It’s better than above Android Applocker apps because of its features and User Interface.

It’s providing three type of lock protections; Fake fingerprint scanner, fake error pop-up, and password protection too. The fake feature of this Android Applocker is just excellent. It’s the best feature that can protect your files from our friends and other users who can access your phone. The fake fingerprint protection shows a fake warning; The process is not working.

You can also adjust brightness and rotation of specifically for an app. One feature makes it unique from all other Applocker Android apps which Stealth mode. Just because of stealth mode. Stealth mode makes it stand out from other apps because, in this mode, you can make any app completely invisible from the launcher and home screen of mobile phone. You can download it from below button. 🙂


4. Applock (Fingerprint)

Applock Fingerprint

To protect user apps and many other connectivity features and setting like as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Smart AppLock Applocker is the best choice for you. Just like as AppLock (DoMobile), Smart AppLock also allow you to protect your personal apps and files by two methods; Pattern and Password locking system.

You can set both passwords for particular apps so that you can secure your apps and data. The user interface of this Applocker is just impressive and straightforward. You should give a try to this app if you’re looking for the best Applocker for Android phones. You can download Smart AppLock Applocker from the button which is given below. 🙂


5. Clean Master

Clean Master

To make your Android cell phone faster and to clean junk files, Clean Master is my first choice. But, do you know Clean Master also has features to lock your apps? Yes, It’s true guys, It cleans junk files as well as protect your phone from unauthorized users. Clean Master has an inbuilt AppLock function that can secure your apps by a pattern lock.

According to me, It’s another best Applock for Android 2017 after Smart Applock Applocker app because It also has many other features like as cleaning junk files. If you don’t want two different apps to clean junk files and to protect your apps and data, then Clean Master is best Applock for Android phones that you have right now. If you want to give it a try, then use below button.

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You don’t want two different apps to clean junk files and to protect your apps and files? Right? Go with Clean Master because it is the best Applock for Android phones that you have right now. If you want to give it a try, then use below button.


6. LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard

Do you want a light-weighted, fast, and secure Applocker for Android? Yes? Okay, then LEO Privacy Guard is the best choice for you. It’s also considered as one of the best Applock for Android 2017. It has higher secure functions that can save you from unauthorized access. Just like as Clean Master, LEO Privacy Guard is also providing many other features to their customers along with password protection and malicious apps.

It has an inbuilt scanner that detects all malicious apps and sends you a notification to remove them. Just like as scanner, It also inbuilt a junk cleaner that will help you in cleaning all junk files and in improving mobile performance. So, if you want these all three features in one app, then download it from below button.


7. Applock & Gallery Hider

AppLock Gallery Hider

AppLock & Gallery Hider is the best alternative to AllLocker by DoMobile, which is one of the best app lockers for Android mobile phones. It came up with robust and powerful features that are why I included this app in this top 10 best applock for Android 2017. You can divide its functions into three parts, strong locker, smart features, and easy user interface.

Here smart features mean, you can protect your all setting like Installation setting, Force stop, Task manager, and all other connectivity feature too. It provides all security features that an app locker user want. Just tap on below Download button to download AppLock & Gallery Hider app on your device.


8. Applocker Master

AppLokcer Master

People, who want a fingerprint scanner Applocker for Android phones, AppLock Master is the best choice for all of them. Just like as LEO Privacy Guard, AppLock Master is also a light-weighted Android app that will help you in protecting your personal data from unauthorized access. By using this app, you can keep you safe all apps; it doesn’t matter they’re installed by you or by default.

It is the light weighted app, so it will not slow down your phone and also will not consume your phone’s battery. Did friend borrow your phone? Don’t take any tension please because AppLock Master is best choice to protect yourself from these issues and moments. It supports pattern lock and also password system which makes it perfect and best Applock for Android phones.

By using these multiple password functions, you can set up a different password particularly for each app that you want to secure. AppLock Master also has screen rotation lock feature; It means you can handle on which app you want rotation and on which not. It provides simple and easy to use user interface and one of the best free apps you should try right now.


9. App Lock


Users, who are not the techie and who want a simple app locker for their Android mobile phones, App Lock by Go Apps is the best choice. It is most light weighted app locker android app which is very easy to use. Just like other apps, it is also capable of protecting your data from whom you don’t want to share.

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By using this app, you can protect your apps by two methods; Pin and Pattern. Both are healthy and vigorous enough to protect you from annoying people. When you install it, then it will ask you a security question that will help you in future in case you forget your password. It provides very fast features to lock and unlock apps. To download this best Applocker for Android phones, use below button.


10. Hexlock App Locker


This one is last but not least. Hexlock app lock is one of the best applock for Android phone users. It’s new and has many modern features. It is developed by Liquidium Limited team to protect Android phone apps as well as privacy. It has six unique and attractive ways to protect your data. I think that’s why developer named it Hexlock.

In Hexlock, there are three different methods are allowed to protect and lock our apps; Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint. The fingerprint locking system stands out it from all other apps. It’s one of the coolest and best applock for Android users. I loved it so much, and it’s secure as a user want.

Hexlock app locker app also has an inbuilt feature of Photo Vault. This feature allows you to encrypt your media files like; Photos, Music, and Videos in a safe place. To see your videos and photos again, you can quickly restore them to your mobile device. Interested? Download it right now by using below download button. 🙂



There are many best applock for Android phones available online, but I tried more than twenty and found these ten apps that are excellent and useful. So, I wrote this article about top 10 best applock for Android phones. I tried my best to provide you best information about all above given apps. In case, if any information id wrong, then please do let us know by dropping your comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe us and if you liked our efforts, then please do give us a share. Thank you and enjoy these best applock for Android phones 2017. 🙂

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