10 Best Android Antivirus 2017 Apps (Download Free)

Best Android Antivirus 2017 Apps are one of the tops most useful apps, and that’s why today I came up with 10 best android antivirus apps 2017. People, who’re not using antivirus apps on their Android gadgets, they’re putting themselves at a risk of corrupted and infected apps that can ruin their phones.

Antivirus apps for Android smartphones or tablets became a biggest debated matter. Some people are saying; it’s necessary to have Android antivirus apps & some others are not supporting these apps. According to us, You don’t need any

According to us, You don’t need any best Android Antivirus 2017 on your phone if you’re running it in a safe way. But, another side, if you’re playing roughly, then We shall suggest you use any best Android Antivirus Apps which are given below in this article. You don’t need any android antivirus apps if you’re downloading all apps from the play store. I saw some people are using google play store alternatives to download apps. But, they don’ know that Apps they’re installing in their phones can be harmful.

However, there are also few people who’re trying several things in their Android phones. And, they’re downloading apps from third-party app stores. Sometimes, some apps contain malware that can be dangerous. So, to save those people who are trying several things in their phones, we came up with best Android Antivirus 2017. You can Download these best antivirus for Android on your smartphones and tablet. Here we go,

Top 10 Best Android Antivirus 2017 List

Android Antivirus Apps

We chose these Best Antivirus Apps for Android by hunting and visiting on several internet sites. There are many Android Antivirus apps available there in the market to download. But, we first tried all and then came up with this list of Best Android Antivirus of 2017 to give you the top notch apps list. Let’s scroll the page and install your choice of Android Antivirus App on your smartphone.

1. CM Security Antivirus for Android

CM Security is one of the oldest Android antivirus apps which is on the market from the time when only few antivirus was available. That time, CM Security was the best free option that we can use but as the time changed there are so many best Android antivirus 2017 apps available now. Till now, CM Security is still best android antivirus that I would like to recommend to all of you. When it comes to antivirus and anti-malware protection, CM Security is my first choice.

Why CM Security Android Antivirus?

Because, repeatedly from many years, CM Security has been ranked higher on AV-Test. It is the best solution to secure any Android smartphone from malware and humans too. :p Because It has the inbuilt function of Android phones applock. It will not only protect your phone from the people from whom you want to save your phone but also take selfies of them who will try to unlock your phone. It’s free for everyone and very light weighted app. So, it will not take extra storage space on your phone, and your mobile will run without any issue. You can download it from the below app box.

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2. AVG Antivirus for Android Phones

AVG Antivirus is not a new name. Many of you may have already heard its name because it is also one of the best Android antiviruses for PC. But, we are talking about the best Android antivirus apps, so we will not discuss Windows. I think the number of downloads and its rating is enough to describe it. It has more than 100 million downloads with the 4.4 rating. It is bit light weighted of any option of compared to other name brands. This Antivirus includes features like; device scanning, consistent antivirus database updates, and real-time protection. There are plenty of features available in AVG antivirus which is enough to attract any of you to use it. Features are given below;

Features of AVG Antivirus

  1. Best Real Time Protection.
  2. There is a task killer function which will close all open apps with a single tap.
  3. Best Anti-Theft Features,
  4. Remote Device Data Wiping,
  5. You can monitor many things while using it like as; Battery, storage, and data usage,
  6. Interface of CM Security is just excellent, and
  7. Paid users can also get features like; Message and Calls are blocking.

Overall, the AVG antivirus app for Android is quite excellent to use on any smartphone. You can download it by tapping on below app box’s download link.

AVG Antivirus | Handy Schutz
AVG Antivirus | Handy Schutz

3. Kaspersky Internet Antivirus Security for Android

I do not think there will be anyone who has not heard Kaspersky’s name before. If you’re a computer or smartphone user, then you have heard Kaspersky’s name many times because it is a regular thing now. Kaspersky is most trustable and one of the best Android antivirus app that has all features that a user want. Antivirus of Kaspersky are much popular than all of its competitors, and it is another very recognizable name in the list of best Android antivirus apps. It has both paid and free version which are available on play store. It’s little heavy than other antivirus apps, so, maybe your phone will feel heat or hang. If you want to use Kaspersky Android antivirus, then first you should know its features which are listed below in the list.

Features if Kaspersky Internet Security

  1. Phone Scanning for malware and viruses, which is available in both versions; Paid and free,
  2. Real-time protection is available for paid users only,
  3. Anti-Phishing,
  4. Cloud Protection,
  5. Anti-Theft protection,
  6. An alarm feature that will help you at the time in the case, when you’ll lose your device, and
  7. The interface of Kaspersky is more than awesome.

Overall, It’s quite useful. If you want to use it, then install it without any doubt using below download link.

VPN & Security by Kaspersky
VPN & Security by Kaspersky

4. Avast Mobile Security – Best Android Antivirus

Avast team develops Avast Mobile Security. They are providing antiviruses to the almost all OS devices like as Mac, Windows, Android, etc. The name of this antivirus is not new and if you’ll ask me, is it a trusted Android antivirus then my answer will be yes it is. You can get an idea of its features from the number of installs and reviews which are available on google play store. This antivirus has more than 100 million active users at the time of having four million reviews with 4.5 overall rating.

This much downloads only that apps can get who has unique features and providing the proper user interface. However, it is little bulky, but it is one solution to protect your phone from malware and viruses. The Avast antivirus is thick enough than others, but while using it, we felt an intense experience. This one is also one of the best Android antivirus apps in this list. There are many excellent features that Avast antivirus is providing to their users. All features are given below in the list.

5. Avast Antivirus’s Features

  1. Device scanning is available to both users; free and paid,
  2. Everyone want Real-Time protection, so Avast is providing this features to all users without any cost,
  3. Antivirus Database Updates available,
  4. App Scanning,
  5. Remote data recovery to paid users,
  6. Remote SMS also available but only for paid users,
  7. Geo-fencing [Paid Users Only],
  8. Ad detection is also available to paid users, and
  9. App locking.

If you’ll ask me, should you use it or not then my answer will be yes of course. It is one of the best Android antivirus apps according to the authors of Trickizm.

Avast Antivirus & Sicherheit
Avast Antivirus & Sicherheit

6. 360 Security – Android Antivirus 2017

Just like as Avast antivirus, 360 Security Android Antivirus is also one of the most popular and trending Antivirus for Android smartphones. This antivirus app got 100 million downloads and 10 million ratings which resulted in 4.6 average scores. This much active users and overall rating are enough to understand how much this app is useful. 360 security is entirely free to all users. There is not any paid version available right now, and they are providing all features to free users. And according to us, 4.6 average rating is pretty good. If you want you can also use the app’s built-in features; cleaner and booster service, but the validity of those elements is not particularly certified.

Like above best Android antivirus apps, 360 security is also providing app lock feature that you can use to protect your files which you don’t want to share with anyone else. Many other Android Antivirus Apps are also providing app lock feature but only in paid version. So, if you’re seeking for an app which is providing free app lock service then go with 360 security. Because it has all unique features that a user want and which are useful to protect the phone from malware and viruses. Features of 360 security are given below;

Best Features of 360 Security Android Antivirus

  1. It can scan & protect your device files for malware and viruses,
  2. Real-Time protection is available,
  3. Ability to scan all apps & games,
  4. It comes with an Anti-Theft feature,
  5. Cleaner and Booster service which will you to make you phone run fast, and
  6. The most remarkable feature of this app is inbuilt app lock which will help you to protect your phone from others.

So, this one is the best choice if you’re going to use it. Download it from below app box’s link button.

7. Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus for Android

In the antivirus apps field, Norton is not a new name, and everyone knows it. It’s another recognizable name in the field of best antiviruses. Norton team is providing best antiviruses to Windows, Mac, and Android users from last many years. However, we are not here to talk about Windows or Mac, So, lets come back to the point. Norton Mobile Antivirus is developed and provided by the Norton team, and it is one of the best antiviruses in this list of best Android Antivirus apps. From last few years, they are doing their best, and one of the best things are; they’re providing fee Android antivirus app. Norton Mobile Security is freely available on the Play Store.

Sometimes many of us want to use third-party apps and games like as; Android launchers and themes but they don’t know apps they’re downloading are safe and clean or not. You can download it and install it on your mobile phone but keep in mind that it is a big antivirus app. So, you can install it to check it if it is working properly on your phone or not. Many impressive features can attract anyone to use this Android antivirus app. All features of these best Android antivirus apps are given below;

Attractive Features of Norton Mobile Security

  1. You’ll get the best antivirus with anti-malware protection,
  2. In this Android Antivirus, You’ll also get remote locking feature,
  3. Ability to scan all apps & games,
  4. An alarm feature to find lost devices,
  5. Best privacy features to secure your phone.

So, it is one of the best options in our this list of best Android Antivirus apps. You can download it from below app box’s button.

Norton 360: Antivirus & VPN
Norton 360: Antivirus & VPN

8. Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android

People who are looking for the best free Android Antivirus Apps, Bitdefender is one of the best choices for all of them. In this Best Android Antivirus 2017 Apps list, Bitdefender is lightest, useful, robust, and a natural antivirus app. It is quite helpful to the people who don’t want to install heavy antivirus but want all necessary features. It has a third-eye which keep seeking what your apps are doing.

However, they are providing two different antiviruses to Android users, and both are available in the play store. But, another one is heavier than it for whom we’re talking about. It has two impressive features which are clean and scan your website, and after that, they’re also providing real-time protection feature too. The scanning time of the apps and files is quite small, and you don’t have to wait for a long time. It takes few minutes, or you can also say few seconds to finish the scanning. If you want to know its features, then scroll down and read because we listed them below.

Useful Features of Bitdefender Antivirus

  1. User Interface is just excellent,
  2. It will keep an eye on seeking what all apps are doing in background,
  3. It will scan all apps and files,
  4. Bitdefender has a cleaner that will clean all junks, and
  5. The Real-Time Protection is more than awesome. It’s a very useful feature of any antivirus which Bitdefender is providing freely.

Overall, The best solution to protect your Android device. Download it from the button which is given below.

Bitdefender Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus
Developer: Bitdefender
Price: Free

9. Eset Mobile Security & Antivirus

It has both free and paid version and one of the best in this list of Android Antivirus Apps. Eset antivirus and mobile security is another popular name in the field of best antiviruses for PC. They are providing best antivirus and safety features in the free version, but in paid you’ll get many advanced and robust safety features. This antivirus will protect your Android smartphone from malware and viruses.

It claims to have an impressive 100{1f53e8448d6a57dc0342e3e42b759217fa3b1c51cc57404937ab96330f03e3ef} identification rate in 2015 with constant updates from the antivirus database to try to maintain in 2016. Right now we’re also using Eset on one of our PC, and till now we did not face any virus or malware issue. Our PC is running fast without any slow down issue. And the same thing you can expect from the Eset Mobile Security and Antivirus. You can download it from the below app box’s download button, but you should know its features which are given below.

Eset Mobile Security Antivirus’s Features

  1. Best User Interface which will attract anyone to use it,
  2. Robust security that will protect your mobile phone  24×7,
  3. Apps and Files scanning system,
  4. Real-Time Protection feature is also available, and
  5. As a paid user you’ll get Anti-Theft and many other advanced safety features.

From these features, you can get an idea how useful it is. Download Eset Android Antivirus from the app box’s button which is given below.

ESET Mobile Security Antivirus
ESET Mobile Security Antivirus
Developer: ESET
Price: Free

10. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira antivirus is also best if you want to protect your Android phone from the junk files and malware. They have both free and paid options for Android users, and both are openly available to download on play store. It is new but very fast growing Android antivirus app. It’s little heavier than other antiviruses, but it has extra features which others don’t have. If you compare it to any other antivirus app, then you’ll find it best then that.

It has many modern and advanced features which other antiviruses are not providing right now. Avira Antivirus Security has overall 4.4 rating from 400k, and it’s the best score. If you want to try this antivirus app, then you can use below app box’s download button to install it on your device. But, before installing it, you should know its features which are given below.

Avira Antivirus Security Features

  1. Best User Interface to all users,
  2. Both free and paid options are available,
  3. Device scanning function,
  4. External SD Card scanning service,
  5. All apps and Games scanning service,
  6. Anti-Theft feature,
  7. Blacklisting features, and
  8. Robust security and privacy features that will help you to protect your phone from malware and viruses.

Overall, It’s the best solution to secure your mobile phone. If you want to download it use below button.

Avira Security Antivirus & VPN
Avira Security Antivirus & VPN
Developer: AVIRA
Price: Free

11. McAfee Security for Android

It is last but not least. McAfee is also one of the best and recognizable names in the space of best antivirus apps for Android phones. This antivirus also has both free and paid options, and anybody can install it from the play store. It is one of the trustable and best Android antivirus apps that you should try. There is not much difference between free and paid version. It comes down to only a few features. There are many services available in the free version, and this one is the best choice for all solutions at one place.

However, there are plenty of extra decent features available in the Pro version, but it does not mean that free version is useless. If you don’t want to invest your money in antivirus, then ignore its paid version because the free version is enough for you to protect your phone from viruses and malware. They are providing many unique and decent features that can blow your mind. If you want to know that features then scroll down the page.  You can also download this android antivirus app from the below-given app box’s download button.

McAfee’s Features

  1. Best User experience to users,
  2. Best Real-Time protect,
  3. Device scanning functions,
  4. All apps and Games scanning service,
  5. Both free and paid options are available, and
  6. Power Booster is also available, but that is useless, so ignore it.

The best-ever solution to secure your Android smartphone from malware and viruses. Download it from the app box which is given below.

McAfee Security: Antivirus VPN
McAfee Security: Antivirus VPN

Over to You!

So, these above were the best Android Antivirus 2017 Apps that everyone should install on their smartphones. If you are already using any above Android Antivirus on your phone, then you’re secure. Many people are using third-party apps, but they don’t know the app he’s installing are safe or not.

So, these antiviruses can hold those situations. Don’t worry about any issue and download these best Android Antivirus Apps on your smartphone right now. If you liked this post, feel free to share with your friends and relatives so that they can also download Android Antivirus on their phones.

You can also subscribe to our mailing list to get latest updates directly to your mailbox. Install any best Android antivirus and be safe from the harmful malware. Thanks. Have a great week ahead. 🙂

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