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MX Player for PC: Hello, Guys! Hope you all are fine and finding my article in a magnificent condition. Are you looking for MX Player for PC?

Do you want the best media player for your PC? If yes then you have to read this article carefully.

Why we need a media player for running all media files? Actually, this is our basic need to run all the media files.

The first thing we notice after installation the windows in our system, we need a media player. The media player should be supported to run all type media files.

MX Player for PC

It cannot be wrong if If I say that MX Player for PC is the king of all existing media players because it is easy to use, best user interface, and capability to play all media format on Android Phone and PC as well.

So, this is the main reason that most people are looking for to install MX Player for PC or laptop.

Queries will be resolved here:

  • What is an MX Player for PC?
  • How to download and install MX Player for PC?
  • Key Features of MX Player for PC

What is an MX Player for PC?

MX Player was an android application initially that is considering the king of all media players.

It is the most popular media player which is used widely by all across the world.

You can say, MX player is much better than the default media player. Multiple users are eager to use this player on Windows platform as well.

So, MX Player is the first choice of millions of people because of its excellent features.

You may all use different media players for your needs to run media files such as KM Player, or VLC Media player for playing movies or music.

But those media players don’t play every format videos, but an MX Player does play all type videos quickly.

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How to download and install MX Player for PC?

You don’t have direct downloading link of MX Player.exe file or MX Player for PC, so you have to compromise.

For using MX Player, you need to download and install the android emulator for windows in order to install MX Player on your personal machine.

I hope you know a little bit that such apps will only run on the Android Emulator.

Everyone using BlueStacks nowadays to run Android applications on PC that’s why we are also going to use this Android Emulator in order to run Mx Player on PC.

Don’t worry, below all steps will be same if you are using any other Android Emulator. Here are the few steps which should be followed:

Steps to Download and Install MX Player on PC

  1. First off, you need to download BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC. If you want to use any other, then download that Emulator.
  2. Now install this downloaded Android Emulator on your PC so that you can use Mx Player for PC.
  3. Once it is installed, open BluStacks up.
  4. Search Mx Player in the search bar on Google Play Store.

Download MX Player for Windows PC

  1. If you found that application then clicks on it.
  2. Now you are redirected to the installation page of Mx Player.
  3. So download Mx Player just like you download any other app from Google Play Store.
  4. Now, this app will be installed on your PC once it is downloaded. Downloading and installing time will depend on your Internet Speed.MX Player for Windows PC
  5. Once it is installed correctly, you can enjoy any video by using Mx Player on the bigger screen.

MX Player for PC      6. It will play all format videos on your PC. Enjoy it.

That’s all from this section. Now MX Player has been installed on your system; you can use it anytime by running it on the bigger screen. It doesn’t matter what format video you have; this player is able to play it nicely. Hope you will enjoy this player as well.

Key Features of MX Player for PC

Everything has best features and advantages as their own perspective. Well, the popularity is entirely based on what features you are providing to the users.

So, MX Player has also best features among all existing Media Players that proves this is the best one media player. Some are the following:

  • MX Player has Pinch to Zoom feature which is used for adjusting the volumes and the brightness control.
  • It supports all media files from higher to lower quality ranging.
  • You can Zoon in by just pinching and zoom out by just swiping across the screen.
  • It has advanced hardware acceleration with decoder + HW.
  • You can Swipe left for backward the videos and Swipe right to forward.

Download MX Player for Windows PC

Some More Features

  • The MX Media Player supports almost 4K videos.
  • The MOST amazing feature is that MX Player for PC could play online videos.
  • MX Player is supported Multi-core decoding.
  • Sound settings and color formatting are available to choose.
  • HW or SW decoding modes are chosen by swapping.
  • Subtitles could be downloaded and made visible. There are multiple subtitles are supported.
  • Play HD videos using Live streaming.
  • Different Themes for video player are available.
  • It supports multiple formats of videos.
  • MX Player has full screen and Smoother playback.
  • It is an Optimized for retina display.

So, we hope these features are able to compel you to use this media player to run all type videos smoothly with lots of great options. Go and grab this free MX Player for PC and enjoy the videos on the bigger screen.

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But the MX Player fulfill all the needs efficiently so that everyone can enjoy the videos on the bigger screen easily.

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