12 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021 List

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Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021 List

Web browsers are now become super productive to visit web pages on the Internet.

As per the user experience, every browser has its own pros and cons, but Google Chrome browser is one of the best browsers.

If you are looking for an extension-rich web browser, multipurpose, and highly productive web browser, then the best browser is one and only Google Chrome.

It is light and less CPU memory consuming.

Be careful while you are selecting a web browser for your personal use and you must have installed extensions as well.

As we told you above, In this post, we are going to reveal theĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions; we have categorized extensions in order to make an easy way to choose what you want to.

All are theĀ Best Google Chrome ExtensionsĀ for daily use which makes your life super easy and Organized.

Here we go,

1. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is blocking interrupting content from the Internet when you are browsing something.

You can get rid of ads and malicious contents by using this plugin.

You are not just blocking the ads, but you can also integrate some lists that ads you want to block so that this extension more conscious about the blocking of ads.

The best thing about the chrome extension is that uBlock Origin uses less memory of CPU.

2. Google Calendar

Now you can create or add event dates as you browse the web by using the Google Calendar one of theĀ best Google Chrome Extensions.

Let’s suppose for a while, you are searching a web page, and on that page, you found an event, and you want to make a reminder for this event, then you can use this extension by just a single click.

It appears as a button when you installed this extension in your Chrome browser.

It has another option of viewing events that you have added recently.

This extension is must-have one when you need an all-time companion for your Google Calendar.

3. Iā€™m a Gentleman

I’m a Gentleman another useful, one of theĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Chrome users.

If you are a blogger and you have a wallpaper site that means you are downloading hundreds of images per day, then you need to install this extension in your browser.

You can set up a short key for downloading images by using this best Google Chrome extension.

For doing this, you just need to hold ‘Alt’ button and click on the picture that what you want to download by just a single-click.

We bet, it is a must-have extension to your productivity.

4. Blur

We bet Blur is a must-have extension for all users who want to get rid out of online frauds and privacy threats.

You can secure your online transaction, managing your passwords for every site.

Blur gives you a privacy and defending you from scams by acting against tracking.

The most notable features of this extension include disallowing companies from collecting data, ability to create highly encrypted passwords, masked cards, auto-fill options for saved credit cards, protection from non-cookie-based tracking, with the powerful algorithm of this extension.

Blur is securing you ultimately; it can be more or less.

5. WOT

WOT is another one of theĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions which is popular among those people who want to know the trustworthiness of the desired site.

And they want to get details of another site for the sake of competitions.

WOT allows you to determine service and integrity of a site in a very quick manner.

Open the selected site, and click on the WOT button and it will give you all details about the reputations of the site.

The reputation of the site is based on the other user’s reviews and experience.

When you install this extension in your browser, you will see that there are two signs, green and red.

Green means it’s trustworthy, and the red sign means it’s not a trustworthy site, it helps a lot.

Also, you have an option of giving your own review about that site.

This extension helps you to deal with unfamiliar services and websites.

6. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket let you save the contents of the web for reading offline or later.

We hope that you already knew it.

This is the Best Google Chrome Extension that let you save the articles and other stuff to your Pocket so that you cane easily read them offline.

You can even create a shortcut button for saving contents in your browser.

It can add different tags.

7. Readability

Readability is another best Google Chrome Extension for Chrome users.

It prepares web articles in the way of readability that everyone can read them in an impressive and convenient form.

This extension has two options, Read Now and Read Later.

Read Now means your content is read to read on the browser screen.

And the Read later says you can save the article for later reading in your browser.

The notable features of Readability include the feature to organize the reading list and the deep integration with Facebook and Twitter for sharing.

Now, It turns to share few useful extensions for our blogger friends. Here we go;

8. SEOQuake

SEO is the most important part of the site which is running in the back of every site.

Your mind decides what type of SEO you need for your website.

Here, we are going to tell you about an essential extension fro bloggers, is called SEOQuake which is one of theĀ best Google Chrome extensions.Ā 

The SEOQuake extension is used for analyzing your site in depth from numbers of the industries metric sources.

You can also keep your eyes on the social media presence such as Pinterest Pins, Google +1ā€™s, Facebook Likes and much more.

You cam run a complete SEO audit by page, and you can see keyword difficulty as well.

It has an enormous amount of SEO tools.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that you can use it in Chrome and Microsoft Office as well.

You are bound to use this extension in just your browser.

You can use this extension in your windows as well where you can make your typo mistakes correct.

While there are plenty of sites and services which make your silly typo auto correct but Grammarly is far beyond this.

This extension helps you to underlines incorrect words, sentence structure, punctuation marks, and much more besides this.

You don’t need a handy dictionary if you have installed a Grammarly extension in your browser and windows as well.

For a complete information about this tool, you can read a where the author has mentioned each and everything about this world’s best grammar checker tool.

Features of Grammarly:

  • It acts as a dictionary
  • Underline incorrect words
  • Correction of wrong spellings
  • Misused Words Correction
  • Preposition Errors
  • Erroneous usage of nouns/pronouns
  • Correct your mistakes on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites as well

10. Ā Alexa Traffic RankĀ 

Alexa Traffic Rank is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions among all extensions in the SEO point of view. It is very light weight extensions which will not compromise the performance of the browser. This extension doesn’t rely on the third-party website. It directly retrieves the data from Alexa and Goggle.

If you are a website owner and a blogger, then you must have this extension in your fastest browser Google Chrome.

The owner can improve the Alexa ranking by visiting the websites.

Alexa Traffic Rank is just like the IE Alexa toolbar.

By using this extension, we can see the Alexa rank of our site and other sites as well.

If you assume someone’s website as your competitor, then you can keep your eyes on the website ranking.

So that you can improve the ranking of your site by doing SEO.

11. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere?

What the heck it is?

What does it mean by Keywords Everywhere?

Wait, wait, we know that your mind is boggling right now and you all are curious about to know the Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords Everywhere is one of the Best Google Chrome Extensions which is considered the king of SEO because you can’t do SEO without keywords.

So, it is an essential extension if you are a copywriter, advertiser, and a blogger.

If you do not have then don’t wait, just install it on your browser right now.

Keywords Everywhere is much more similar with Google Keyword Planner.

You will forget for a while about Google Keyword Planner.

It shows useful keywords with CPC (cost per click), competitions, and search volume of a keyword.

It lets you find the long tail phrases with accurate detail.

12. Easy Blog Commenting

Wait, wait!! Do you want to leave a comment on other WordPress sites?

What if we change your hectic duty into a super easy life?

We will not ask that why do you want to leave comments on other websites.

We come up with an amazing Google Chrome Extensions which is one of the Best Google Chrome Extensions in the cyber world.

Easy Blog Commenting automatically fills the detail on every WordPress comment.

This extension is going to rock near bloggers.

Bloggers would love to use this marvelous extension.

You need to install this extension as soon as possible if you want to make blog commenting easier than earlier.

It will appear as a tiny orange button on the right side of the browser once you installed it in your browser.

Click on it and fill your profile detail like name, email, and website.

In the case of different blogs, you just need to switch the profiles and details will be automatically filled.

Over to You!

Did you like “Best Google Chrome Extensions“?

It was the best collection of theĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions on the Internet.

No doubt, there are plenty of Google Chrome Extensions which are just made for helping people in every perspective.

But some failed to deliver exactly what people want the most, some lack of the accuracy and maintainability.

But we have tried our best to provide theĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions for making your life super easier.

There are categorizedĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions which is easy to choose what category you want.

Feel free to install in your browser and get benefits from them as you can.

All are totally free Google Chrome Extensions.

Please do not forget to share your views about our thoughts regarding theĀ Best Google Chrome Extensions in the comment section below.

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