7 Best File Manager Apps for Android (Download Free) (2017 Updated)

If you own an Android device or say a smartphone, then the most important thing for you is to handle all files correctly. You will need some best file manager apps for Android which will help you to browse, modify or which will allow you to make other actions to your records.

It ‘s hard to find out best among the best file manager apps for Android. The stock file managers are not good enough to make proper actions. Even it sucks on my phone. Also, there are no extra tools, nor there are thumbnails for folders and files. There are no sharing tools or any recycle bin. All these reasons make me write this post about best file manager apps for Android.

Best File Manager Apps for Android Phones

In this post, you will read everything about best file manager apps for Android also you will find the detailed review, their features, user interface and everything about them. If you were able to find some good apps in this post, then do share this article and support us. Also, If we forgot to mention some good apps then do comment below so we can add them to the list of best file manager apps for Android.

1. ES File Explorer


ES File Explorer Pro one of the best file manager apps for Android, and it is well known since ages. This app is very famous among others and has some really great features. It is a small and compact app which is not just a file manager. This app has multiple features. Some other company owned it at first. The paid version has a lot of features and some good themes.

As I stated above its more than a file manager, there is an inbuilt music player, video player, file sharing tool using Wi-Fi direct and other great features. Download it to check all of them. The pro version has a price of something around $2.99 and provides things more than you require in a file manager.


2. MK Explorer


This app is another great app among other best file manager apps for Android. This app is available for a quite extended period, but it was not famous at that time. There are various features in the app also there is more than 20 language support which is added to a text editor, music player, and gallery. There is no feature like cloud storage or watching files of other network storages hence it is ranked below then as file explorer in the list of best file manager apps for Android.

It supports SD card and standard features like cut; copy paste is really easy to use in this app. There is a material, and very elegant design in this app and I would recommend this app to you if you want something simple and good looking. The basic version is free and if you want to add some features than you can go for the paid versions or add-ons which are priced at lesser than $4.99


3. File Manager HD


This app is really a good option if you want a good file explorer among Best file manager apps for Android. This app was also not famous for starting, but now this app comes pre-installed from the manufacturers on many phones. It is capable of categorizing files based on different things like music, video, images, etc. and it also supports many cloud storage services. It is really easy to change from cloud storage to local storage in a click.

Also, this file explorer is capable of using LAN, FTP and FTPS and many others. This app also has some features like widgets, app file support, and junk file cleaning. This app is really useful for those who have rooted devices as there is a free root explorer inside the app and hence it makes this app listed in best file manager apps for Android. Along with this, the app has a clean user interface, and this makes every action faster also you can put some widgets on the home screen which will allow you to save time. The app has a free version, but it has some ads. If you don’t like those ads, then you may upgrade it to the paid version to remove them.


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4. File Expert


This app is a famous one which is really loved by users of Android devices. This app has some unique features which other apps don’t have. Hence it is listed on the list of best file manager apps for Android. This app has a feature to categorize your data into categories easily. This process is automatic, and you can also sync your files to cloud storages with its addon plugin. There are some excellent features like recycle bin and private files option.

Some other features of this app include root explorer, downloader, and it is capable of compressing files from 7zip and RAR/zip too. This app supports multiple file transfers like Bluetooth, Samba client, and FTP.  The user interface of this app is immaculate and clean. This app has some privacy features like the safe box, and there is a free version of the app which has ads. There are three paid versions with increasing pricing which starts at $2.99, and the main costliest version adds some great features like data sync, login feature and Dropbox too.


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5. Solid Explorer


You can imagine all the features just with the apps name. It is a reliable alternative to filing expert and with all kind of common features which you need In a file explorer. There is a cloud support too. Also, you can hide files in few clicks. This app is capable of reading zip, 7zip, and other major compressed file extensions. This app can extract all of them also it supports FTP and SFTP protocols. There are some paid plugins which allow you to add USB OTG feature, screencast, and few others.

This app has and comfortable and functional user interface which supports drag and drop too. This feature is missing in many apps. Also, you can add icon packs to enhance the user interface of this app. There are multiple themes too. This app have a free two-week trial then you have to download the paid version or just purchase it after a free trial. The app is super easy and fluid to use. Even newbies can use it efficiently. The app is included in the list of best file manager apps for Android because this app is having all features of the premium version also the price is as low as $0.45


6. File Manager: Storage Explorer

File Manager Storage Explorer

This is an elegant app among other best file manager apps for Android. This app is really elegant as I have written in the first line. It has a material user interface, and there is a good performing action button which makes it better than others. This app has a premium version which has some good features like cloud storage. And also there are some other great features like app manager, OTG drive support.

It also allows you to watch GIF files directly in the app also there is an inbuilt file compressor which is providing zip, tar, tar, tar.gz formats and there are much more undiscovered features. The app is free to download, but there are some ads. Ads can be removed with some add-ons called as in-app purchases. If you need something which is simple and efficient, then you really need this app which is free with all the required features.


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7. File Commander

File Commander

File Commander is another great feature loaded app among the best file manager apps for Android. This app ha a clean and easy user interface which is inspired by the material design. This app is highly customizable also it allows you to add custom things like recent files and this app allows you to interact with some cloud storage services and have an inbuilt feature to share files with wifi direct and FTP server.

It also supports remote sharing and Bluetooth too. You can also continue longer copies and take tasks from the background too. There are two variants of this app which are free and paid one. The free version has some ads, and also it lacks some great features. Also, there are some useful features in paid version such as recycle bin, file analyzer, and other features.

With the clean user interface and such amazing features, this app makes it worth in the list of best file manager apps for Android. The paid version is compatible with Android 4.0, and above also the premium costs something around $3.99 which will remove ads, and it will help you to execute all features.


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