10 Best iOS Emulators For PC [Run iOS Apps On Windows] 2023

Best iOS Emulators For PC 2020

Are you struggling with buying iPhone and don’t have that much money. Are you a lover of iPhone and you can’t buy due to short of cash? If you are unable to purchase iPhone, then there is an alternate solution for you that you can use iOS Emulator for PC (Windows System).

iOS Emulator For PC

iOS Emulator For PC

Don’t know about Emulator that what the heck it is, right? No issue at all, I’m going to discuss in details so that you can get an idea about the Emulator then later on knowing about the iOS Emulator for Windows PC. Keep reading this article until the end of the article.

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What Is An Emulator?

iOS Emulator for PC

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator is an electronic software/ virtual machine that runs on your computer separately. It provides you with a screen with the functionality of that software which you have installed. You can consider it as another computer with all necessary functions and features.  Usually, people use such emulators to get access to that software which they can’t afford.

What Is An iOS Emulator?

iOS Emulator for PC

iOS Emulator

iOS Emulator is a kind of emulators that are currently available in the market for those persons who can’t afford expensive iPhone, but they are fond of iPhones. iOS Emulator gives you access to all features and functions of iPhone. You can say a copy of iPhone entire system. Users can use this emulator on your windows system and use it just like an iPhone. You can download and install iPhone application from App Store and use it as a regular user on your PC. Even if you are an app developer of iPhone, then you must use iOS so that you can test your apps before publishing on App Play Store.

10 Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC 2020

iOS Emulator for Windows

iOS Emulator for Windows PC

Hopefully, your mind is clear now that what the heck is Emulator and why you have to use it on your PC. Let’s now discuss the best iOS Emulator for Windows PC that what you should use on your PC. Here you go,

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Here is the list of top 10 best iOS emulators for PC to run iOS apps on windows OS.

1. Smartface

iOS Emulator for PC


Smartface is a well-known name when you think about iOS Emulators for PC (Windows operating system) to develop numbers of iOS apps for no cost. You can develop native iOS apps with iOS Emulators that supports cross-platform. All iOS Emulators are full-featured management platform that usually cuts upturns, cost, and delivers solutions in a very less time that you can’t imagine. I personally like the most powerful feature of Smartface is that it supports the installation of plugins that you can extend the functionality of Smartface emulator. It works perfectly when you test and run the native app of iPhone, iPod, and iPod directly on the windows version of iOS Emulators.

2. Air iPhone Emulator

iOS Emulator for PC

Air iPhone Emulator

Do you know about Abobe Air application already? If you know, then you must be known to the Air iPhone Emulator because it is essentially an Adobe air application. Adobe Air Application offers you iPhone’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) to run iOS apps directly on this platform. It is developed for Windows operating systems so that it can facilitate the users who developed iOS apps and wanna run on the emulator for practising and testing. Air iPhone requires Air framework for running iOS applications.

Note: Although Air iPhone Emulator is not proper functionally which the iOS developers needs, you can notice the clear change while running apps on this emulator.

3. MobileOne Studio

iOS Emulator for PC

MobileOne Studio

MobileOne Studio is the favourite choice for iOS app developers and regular users who want to use iPhone on their PCs. By using this iOS Emulator for PC, you can download and install iOS apps just like an iPhone. Even you can run any application and game on your windows system. iOS app developers can develop cross-platform apps, and all the apps are built on HML5 which can be run on any of the platforms. These apps are compatible with numbers of devices, and you can configure you under developing apps to run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can build and customise the status notifications on your PC with the help of MobileOne Studio emulator.

4. Appetize.io

iOS Emulator for PC


Appetize.io is an online paid iOS Emulator that is free for first 100 minutes then they will charge you per minute. Cost is depending on your using time. If you are going to search an online iOS emulator for PC, then you must select this one for developing iOS apps on cloud storage service. Testing iOS and Android apps on Appetize.io is indeed super fast as compared to others. It is compatible with Linux, Windows OS, and Mac.

Charges: $0.05 per minute. Cost depends on your usage after first 100 minutes.

5. iPadian

iOS Emulator for PC


iPadian takes the very first position in the top 10 best iOS Emulators for PC with its amazing features. Features are just like an iOS Phone that you can try TvOS, iMessage, and Siri. iPadian is really a flexible and amazing emulator that is highly customizable and user-friendly interface. By using this great emulator, you will feel like you are using iPad, iPod or iPhone with advanced features. You can access the App Store to download any iOS app and game. Enjoy yourself with this iOS emulator if you don’t have any Apple product.

Charges: iPadian is available in both free and paid version. If you want to use this emulator for the sake of downloading apps and games, then free version is the best choice for you. On the other hand, the paid version costs you $10 with many advanced features. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows OS.

6. App.io

iOS Emulator for PC


Another most excellent iOS Emulator for Windows 10 PC is called App.io that is an extremely straightforward app which is easy to navigate and easy to use. For using this emulator, you just need to sync your Android APK or iOS APK with this emulator so that you can download and run apps on this excellent iOS EmulatorApp.io sync your device from cloud storage device from PC, Tablet, and MAC. In this way, you don’t need to worry about downloading and setup this emulator on your Windows OS. Without downloading this emulator, you can emulate your iOS app if you have developed then you can safely share your apps with internal and external teams as well.

Charges: App.io is available for a trial free for just a seven days. It is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows OS.

7. iPad Simulator

iOS Emulator for PC

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is a Google Chrome Extension which is working on Google Chrome browser where you can install this extension for using a cloud OS as a Simulator that works pretty fine. You can get an iPad screen by using this extension on your Windows OS. iPad Simulator provides best features just like an IPad such as Siri without purchasing this feature. You can use it for free of cost. Even if you are an iOS developer, then you can develop iOS apps within seconds. Also, you can connect with Web services and use it as a screen saver as well.

Charges: It’s totally free of cost, but it is just compatible with Google Chrome Browser for Windows OS. There are some main features following:-

  • You can get Siri feature without an iPad
  • Users can access everything on the cloud storage
  • You can Organize your cloud desktop with your preferred iPad apps
  • You can create unlimited pages of iOS apps if you are a developer
  • Simple and elegant iPad interface
  • You can simply drag and drop apps
  • Browse your apps by using search bar
  • You can use as a screensaver

8. iPhone Simulator

iOS Emulator for PC

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator lets you allow iPhone games and apps on your PC which is one the best emulators for Windows PC. By using this simulator, you can test the underdeveloped apps if you are a developer and want to check your apps via a virtual iPhone. As you know, buying a new iPhone is a major financial decision so why not using the simulator for this purpose. It is the best choice for both developers and a user who just want to access the iPhone interface on their Windows OS.

Charges: – It is a free simulator.

Major Drawback: You can’t access App Store by using this simulator.

9. Xamarin Testflight

iOS Emulator for PC

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is another best iOS emulator for PC with many useful and advanced features. It is an extremely user-friendly interface which is really easy to use. To run iOS apps on your PC, download and install this emulator so that you can get access to your apps and games. It is easy to use, and navigation to any app is much easy.

Charges: It is a paid emulator which costs you $25 per month. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, and Windows devices.

10. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

iOS Emulator for PC

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Do you need a gaming console on your PC instead of iPhone? Are you fond of games? We have got the most fabulous gaming console emulator which got special attention from iOS users. It is created by Nintendo which is announced and released in the same year, 2010. Nintendo 3DS emulator enables all users to play Nintendo 3DS games with 3D graphics and high resolution. It helps a lot to game lovers who fond of games and love to play 3D games with high resolution.

Final Words!

So, you have gone through the list of top 10 best iOS Emulator for PC to get an idea what emulator is best sites for you and what are your needs. I hope you make clear your mind about emulators and simulators as well on this page.In my point of view, all emulators are best at their place, but all differ because of their features and functionalities. iPhone lovers are fond of such emulators if they can’t afford iPhone or it also helps iOS developers that used for testing theirs under developing apps. If you liked the above list, then do share with your friends and if you found any other emulator that should be included in the list mentioned above then let us know in the comment section below.

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