Prank Websites: 10 Best Prank Sites to Impress Your Friends

Hi to all! Are you fed up with the dull routine? Do you want to know about the best prank websites?

Do you want some change?

It’s understood that everyone can get bored after doing a lot of work at the office or at somewhere.

So, we need badly to entertain ourselves with some amazing things.

These things can be playing cricket with them or making fool them.

Besides these, we set prank to see the reaction of targeted person. We all love it those hilarious moments.

You have to keep the generation gap in your mind that people get smarter day by day.

They know already these things. They will not be easily targeted by your pranks. But in this case, we have got plenty of the best prank websites in the Internet world.

But in this case, we have got plenty of the best prank websites in the Internet world.

What does it mean by prank?

Best Prank Websites

Best Prank Websites

Prank means making your friend fool. It’s fun and entertaining moments while you can fool your friends.

If you want to make your friends fool, then do not disclose the secrets of online websites which are the funniest sites ever.

Most of the websites can be used for the prank and many of it useful in the Information point of view.

You can play hilarious pranks on such site.

Best “Prank Websites” List 2017

I’m gonna listing up the best prank websites which you can use to make your surrounded people fool. Here we go,

1. HackerTyper



Do you want to become a Hacker?

If Yes, which type of hacker? There are types of Hacker.

Well, skip it for a while, I have got a website where you can just type like a hacker what you want.

I have used this site for two times in order to clear doubts that this site literally gives what a Hacker want?

Yes, this site looks like a hacker site where you can type what you want.

Then this site automatically converts your random words into programming context which looks real to all.

You can use this site to prank your friends and pretend yourself as a Hacker in front of them.

They will definitely amuse if they don’t know about this site before. You can easily make them fool.

Go to this site, type whatever you want, and then, share the screenshot with your friends. Enjoy Pranking!!

2. FakeUpdate 



Do you want to update your current windows via the website?

If Yes, then I have got a website which looks like you are updating your windows but actually not.

FakeUpdate is one of the best prank websites on the planet of Internet.

It is the serious one prank which looks real to anyone who will see the first time.

When you visit this site, you will find various updates for Windows7 and Windows10.

You just need to press the Enter button in your running browser and the blue screen of updating windows will show up to the main screen.

Your friends and siblings get shocked if they don’t know before about this site.

You can use this site to prank your friends easily. It’s fake update, your computer will save.

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3. Google Terminal

Google Terminal

Google Terminal

Do you still like to live in the 80s?

In my observations, there are still many people who want to live in the oldest age lie style where they feel comfortable.

Well, I have got the best prank website where you can use your computer in the DOS style.

DOS was used in the 80’s, and it now becomes a vestigial part of the new Information Technology.

On this site, you can use the Command Prompt Google Terminal where you have opened everything via writing a command.

If you want to make your surrounded people fool, then you can do it easily by just opening this site.

People will think that you are very intelligent who remembered all the command of every function and you will feel proud by making them foolish.

This site will give you enough smartness. Be Smart!!

4. Maze Game

Maze Game

Maze Game

Do you like scary games?

I have got another the best prank websites, this is a game, which you can use to play and prank you friends in a scary way.

This is the trolling website but in a scary way which is used by the most people who are the game lover.

You can suggest this site to your friends and ask them to play it.

I have played this game, believe me, it is just a fantastic game till the 2nd level of the game and the 3rd standard of the game is so tricky and tough to play well.

How can you prank your friends by this site? Is it a game then How?

Let me clear your thoughts, you should play this game yourself till the second level and then ask your friends to play the 3rd level of this game.

Also tell them, keep your face near to the main screen and then play it.

Then see the magic of this game. Enjoy it

5. Calculate My Love

Calculate My Love

Calculate My Love

Do you want to calculate your love with your friend or crush?

Then use this site for calculating your love if you have a crush and you want to know the percentage of love between you and your crush.

This site is useful for calculating the love, this is just a prank, don’t rely on it.

You just need to put your names and Email ID when you visit this site for the sake of calculating the love.

Though love has not measurement, it is just for the satisfaction.

I suggest you to not to rely on it, it can be wrong, or it can be right. Predictions are not always correct so be careful.

This site actually takes your names and send these names to the registered Email.

Let me clear you one thing that you cannot check your love percentage freely from this link which I have given to you. Because I have not given you a referral link.

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6. Create Fake Facebook Status

Create Fake Facebook Status

Create Fake Facebook Status

Facebook is the most influential social media site where you can make your profile for free.

It becomes more popular among new generation across the globe.

When you post something on your profile, then you automatically want to know that people like, share, and comments your post.

So that it becomes viral and you become popular on the social media.

But when people don’t even like your status then you feel anxiety.

It gradually becomes your phobia and victim, that’s not going well for your health.

Now you don’t need to worry about because I have got a site for you where you can make unlimited status with unlimited likes, shares, and comments.

Though it’s fake, you can prank your friends by showing them that this was your status and see how it becomes viral on the Facebook.

This is the trick, use it and impress your friends.

You can share this prank site with your friends if you don’t mind.

7. What’s Wrong With This Room

Whats Wrong With This Room?

What’s Wrong With This Room?

Do you want to see more scary prank websites?

I don’t want to see because I don’t like this type stuff.

I have got another site which is super scary if you ready to see this site.

You just need to visit this site; this is a one-page website.

You will see a room in the picture when you visit this site.

Just hold on there and observe the things of the room.

You will see the magic after some time.

I have listened a horror sound, and I get shocked.

You must visit this site if you have a healthy heart.

If you are not willing then recommend this site to your friends and make them scared.

8. Peter Answers

Peter Answers

Peter Answers

Do you want someone who answered you all type questions whether its intellectual or silly questions?

I have found another one of the best prank websites which will give you answers to your queries.

You can ask what you want to ask; the Peter website will provide a reply in any condition.

Even you can ask what your mummy is cooking in the kitchen right now, or what is the color of your dress today.

This is the funniest website which you can use it to prank your friends.

There is the trick behind it o use if you want to know then make a comment in the section below I will reply you there.

Enjoy this site and use it to trick your friends.


Are you getting bored and do you want to overcome the boring moments?

Here is the site for those people who get bored in no minutes.

On this site, you are not found only dialing a call to someone, but you will see numerous videos, games, and humor.

Dial People is a tool. To use this tool you need to fill the form first.

Then do enter the number whom you want to call and you receive an automated message on your screen.

This is the funniest website ever.

Hope you will enjoy and get some happy moments from there.

Get this site to prank your friends and get cool stuff.

10. The Flash Mind Reader

What if someone read your mind?

Believe me; this is the best prank site ever which I’m going to include in the list of Best “Prank Websites”.

I’m not kidding with you all; this pearl can read your mind.

Go to this site and choose a 2-digit number, add up first, then minus the answer with that 2-digit number.

Then keep noticing the symbol corresponding to it for the ultimate answer.

Now, click on the blank pearl which will show the symbol automatically.

This is not a trick but a Magic, True Magic. You should try it by yourself.

Enjoy the answer and see if it reads your mind indeed, then share it with your friends.

In the Conclusion of the Best Prank Websites

Did you like Best Prank Websites?

In the final words, I would like to say that reading acknowledged things is not always perfect for your health. You have to try something unique to refresh your mind.

To refresh your mind, I recommend you to use all the above prank websites. Besides these websites, there are much more sites available on the Internet.

You can make your friends fool and refresh your mind for a while as well.

It’s good for health if your health is good then you can do what you want whether gaining knowledge from such sites.

Send these sites to your friends and make them fool and then enjoy that moment by making fake tricks to just show off for the being of time.

Hopefully, you have liked and enjoyed these prank websites with your friends and colleagues.

Let me know if you have another site in your knowledge except above mentioned best prank websites.

Do share this article with your friends and social friends. Sharing is Caring!!

Keep in touch for further updates shortly.

Enjoy and share it.

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