14 Best Sites to Download Free PC Software: Windows Mac Full Version

Hello, guys. Are you looking for best sites to download free PC software?

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Here we brought the top list of best sites to download free PC software.

Best Sites to Download Free PC Software 2017 [Windows]

If you have a computer or a laptop, you have to download software very frequently.

It’s really boring to crawl around multiple search engines and websites to find and download your required software.

So in this article, I’m listing the best sites to download free PC software.

There will be several sites in this list which will make your downloading easy and convenient.

You can save a lot of time by using this best site to download software as you don’t have to bypass crap surveys and don’t even have to watch those spam ads every time on all pages.

So try to read complete post to find the best sites to download free PC software.

Some of the websites mentioned here have automatic virus checking feature to keep your device safe.

You can also go to the user community of best site to download software to get the complete review and ratings about your necessary software also you can find some similar software to make your work easy.

1. Download.com

Download.com established 14 years ago and its the oldest website of its category.

It is owned by Cnet which is the largest established network in Technology news, and it is considered the best site to download software.

They have a collection of more than 100,000 freeware type of software of all categories.

2. FileHippo.com

Filehippo is my personal favorite place to download software online from websites.

You can download freeware and also you can find much shareware.

Filehippo provides their official software which you have to download on your laptop or desktop which will scan and find latest updates from its database.

This software is really convenient to use. Also, it will keep your computer safe with latest updates.

3. ZDNet Download

ZDNet is world’s largest library of software available on their site.

It has software for Windows and Mac too.

To download technical software, this is the best site to download software.

There are freeware and shareware downloads available in their list.

The clean user interface makes it easy to use, and it’s user-friendly, convenient and clean.

4. FreewareFiles.com

FreewareFiles is dedicated site just for downloading freeware software.

There are a lot of open source programs included in the website.

All the software available on the site are arranged in categories, and it’s really simple to go through the software and find which one really suits your needs.

It has the same old school blue colored user interface.

On the right side you will find daily uploaded new files, sometimes you will find something really surprising there.

5. Tucows.com

Tucows – The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software, the name is dropped a long ago.

There is a huge directory to download shareware, freeware and demo software available for everyone.

The site is using Load distribution technology to balance the traffic, so everyone gets good speed.

Tucows have software for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

6. Softpedia.com

This website indexes information and gives you direct download source of your required software.

You can also get news of science and technology while finding your software.

There are three categories on the websites namely regular, freeware and shareware.

You can also download games and scripts from this website.

You can also go through the latest addition to find all latest software.

7. MajorGeeks.com

In 1997 major geeks was named as TweakFiles and now the name is changed.

You can find all beginner and advanced level software right here.

The developers have given some personal touch to the website; the colors look great it’s something in green.

There are no spammy ads right here, and this is one of the best sites to download free PC software.

The site has a really beautiful and clean user interface which is really friendly to use.

Everything looks so simple here that you can’t complain.

The site checks all programs and software and makes sure that they are virus and spyware free always.

They also have an excellent user community which is found useful for new users.

8. Snapfiles.com

Snapfiles was found in 1997 with a really huge collection of software on the website.

The old name of the site was WebAttack, but it is rebranded now.

The domain webattack.com still redirects you to swap files :p.

It has an immaculate user interface with minimum ads which makes it super easy to access.

Even a newbie user can access it without any hassles. The website has weekly highlight option and software showcase.

9. Geardownload.com

GearDownload have an exquisite collection of software.

Maybe they are not the largest website in this category but they worth placing on the list of best sites to download free PC software.

They have regular updates, and they clean the files for downloads first.

They also scan for malware before making it available for you.

This site has categories like any other regular website, and they have options like Top 10 most downloaded software and sponsored software.

This site barely has any ads other than Google ads, and sometimes they come up with some sponsored links.

They also provide links to must have software which is already malware and spyware free too.

They keep the best software on ‘In the SpotLight’ category.

10. Softonic.com

This website really stands to be included in the list of best sites to download free PC software.

It was established in 1997 before I was born :p. It’s Europe reputed website with more than 100,000 freeware, trials, and shareware.

They have the site ready in multiple languages so that no one will miss this software.

In 2005 they launched the English portal. They provide all latest software on all platforms available.

The site also has a sweet comparison tool which helps you to compare two or more similar software.

They also have a category of top downloads of this week.

11. Soft32.com

This website is another best one in this list of best sites to download free PC software.

Soft32 is updating their database since 2003, and it covers most of the freeware for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

It also has mobile and iPhone apps section.

It has a repository of more than 85,000 software and also has a Windows forum which can help you to solve problems with Windows OS issues.

There are no spam ads and popups, the only ad which is visible is Google ads.

They have five download categories for Windows section namely Editor reviews, most popular, new releases, our picks and essential downloads powered with Windows forum.

You will never miss any good software if you have bookmarked this website.

12. Freedownloadcenter.com

It was founded in 2001, and it has more than 30,000 software available on the site, all of them are nicely categorized and which makes it easy for readers to find their necessary software.

You can download all software for free, and a user interface is elegant.

There are barely any ads on the website, and they do some giveaways sometimes like giving licensed software for free.

They also do reviews of software, and they are placed on the homepage under latest reviews categories.

13. Freewarehome.com

This website is just for freeware software downloads only, and you can include it in the list of best sites to download free PC software.

No other software are listed here.

They have an old schemed design with left side navigation menu and details of software on the right side which is not bad.

The navigation of the website is quite simple which makes it super easy to use it.

You can also download games with it.

There are some useful categories like business, desktop, education and games.

You have to be cautious about downloading software from here.

14. Opensourcemac.org

This is our last website on the list of best sites to download free PC software.

This website is not so big but stands in this list because it is just dedicated for Mac OS X.

This is the best and free source for downloading open source and free software for Mac OS X.

They have a clean UI, when you are browsing on an Apple device, you will find it convenient.

It is easy to use and contains no spam ads and no pop-up ads.

This is the best site to download software for Mac OS X.

Some other sources to download software

Here I have listed some index of software where you can find small collections of leading software.

You can use this six links to get all popular software without any spam ads.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to add this site to the list of best sites to download free PC software as there is very fewer software available there.

  1. ftp.nju.edu.tw/software/
  2. dl2.melidl.com/software/
  3. dl.par30dl.com/Software/
  4. mnhsk.homeftp.net/Software/
  5. freedesktop.org/software/
  6. Radiol.in/software/

Up to you

I’ve tried to list all best sites to download free PC software and hope so you can find your required site and software.

If you need help, then you can comment below.

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