Top 10 Best VPN Apps for Android Phones 2017 [Free Download]

Best VPN Apps for AndroidIn the modern era, everyone is getting more involved in the digital world, especially in mobile networks. While using mobile, they need safety and security of their private and sensitive information.

People show more concerned about the Internet security issues, especially when they make transactions by using mobile phones.

VPN enables the users to add extra level safety to minimize the risk of privacy.  A web surfer must have tools like VPN that you can use them for secure webs surfing.

Even you can open those websites which unable to give you permission for using it on your devices. You can use such sites privately by using VPN apps.

10 Best VPN Apps for Android Phones 2017

There are plenty of ways to access such blocked websites on your device not only VPN.

But, VPN apps provided a handy way and flexibility to use such sites on your mobile phone.

We have pooled together many top rated best VPN apps for Android Phones which are useful and worth to use. Here we go,

1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPN apps for Android Phones. It is a top rated app on the Google Play store, total downloads of this app are approximately 330 million across the world.

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy is not just providing traditional features, but it secures your WiFi connection because it provides banking-level HTTPS encryption.

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy has some pros and cons as well. Let us discuss below so that you can check it out before installing this app on your device.

  • Hotspot Shield is easy to use.
  • It connects easily to any anonymous website.
  • It configures itself quickly.
  • The live chat option was going under cover when you needed it badly.
  • The tech support of this app is not well, not giving answers to the user’s queries.

VERDICT: It is one of the best proxy apps which gives you the confidence to use it. Feel free to use it because it will hide your original IP address completely and allows blocked websites browsing.

HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy
HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy

2. SecureLine VPN

Another great finding best VPN apps for Android Phone is SecureLine VPN. It is developed by Avast Antivirus software. Avast team is famous in the cyber world since they have developed an excellent Antivirus software.

Now you can use Avast SecureLine VPN app on your Android phone without installing Avast Antivirus software on your device. SecureLine VPN encrypts the data by using IPses protocol.

No one hacker can dare to snip the data via public hotspot because IPses protocol gives strong security for your sensitive information. You just need to click to make it work for you after installing on your device.

If you are already using Avast Antivirus app or software on your system, then Avast SecureLine VPN makes things easier than you expect. Feel Free to use it.

Avast SecureLine VPN app has some advantages and disadvantages as well. Let us discuss it with you guys.

  • SecureLine VPN app: directly integrated with Avast antivirus
  • The installation process is super easy.
  • This app is easy to use.
  • You can choose the location by just clicking on the connect option and, all set. There are many places available.
  • You are somewhat out of luck because you can’t change any setting.
  • The wrong location can be assigned automatically, for example; if you select Australia, you may end up with another location. It is the biggest one disadvantage of this app.
  • The server is showing active even though they are not available at that moment.
  • Your connection speed depends on your distance from the server. It can be slow or higher.
Avast SecureLine VPN Proxy
Avast SecureLine VPN Proxy

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another the best VPN apps for Android Phones among all existing Virtual Private Network apps. ExpressVPN has an excellent customer service and easy to use that is why ExpressVPN remains its popularity among Android users.

This app gives customer satisfaction by providing industry-leading 30-days money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. ExpressVPN doesn’t run on the Android phone, but it also has Mac, iOS, and Windows application.

It seems costly to you, but it is providing plenty of incredible and most wanted features at this price. You will get 30-days money back guarantee when you use this app at the reasonable price.

ExpressVPN is a secure brand and trusted ever in the virtual world for a real purpose. It just sorts out the main issue of the people who are suffering from their security on the Internet.

ExpressVPN is entirely secure because it is boasting an SSL-secured network and safe for use with unlimited bandwidth and super fast speed. Everything has pros and cons as well. No one app is perfect in every aspect. Here we go,

  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • There are no usage logs
  • This app supports more than 78 countries
  • It has excellent customer service ever
  • P2P: yes


  • There are connection logs
  • It is a bit pricey.
VPN: ExpressVPN Sicheres WLAN
VPN: ExpressVPN Sicheres WLAN

4. SpeedVPN

SpeedVPN is one of the free & best VPN apps for Android users with a simple interface. You can use this app without signing up for anything there. It doesn’t cost you and It is more efficient than others in the free app zone on the Google play store. It is just giving you 60 minutes at one time without signing up then it automatically disconnect you from this app.

But, you don’t need to worry; you can again connect to the app quickly whenever you want to use. This is the main reason that people don’t use this app because they need to reconnect the app in every 60 minutes.

One thing more is you can’t use this app for using torrent; you will get banned soon if you try. Well, you can use this app for low bandwidth things and regular browsing activities. This app also has disadvantages with advantages. Here we go,

  • SpeedVPN is a free app.
  • You can use it without signing up.
  • It will kick you off when 60 minutes completed.
  • It automatically reconnects after every 60 minutes.
  • You can’t use torrent by using this app.
  • You are supposed to use it for simple browsing with low-bandwidth.
SpeedVPN Secure VPN Proxy
SpeedVPN Secure VPN Proxy

5. OpenVPN Connect

Usually, free apps are not worthy and fulfill our basic needs with full security and unlimited bandwidth, but OpenVPN Connect is truly one of the best VPN apps for Android Phones.

OpenVPN Connect is an open source with security. OpenVPN needs some knowledge to run this app on your device. This app is not just like others app which works on the “fire and forgets” formula. It has an entirely learning curve. There are advanced settings options from which you can import .ovpn profiles and engage it.

OpenVPN uses PolarSSL which is not affected by the Heartbleed issues. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs of VPNs if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. If you want to use this app, then you need to set up an OpenVPN server yourself on your device so that you can get benefit from it.

OpenVPN Connect – OpenVPN App
OpenVPN Connect – OpenVPN App

6. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

In this list of best VPN apps for android, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app is another top-rated VPN app. It is designed for laptops and Android Phones as well. It has a clean and minimalist desktop design with the most appealing map where it shows your current location.

You can select a server of your choice from the top green bar, just tap it and here to go. Though it recommends server type according to the location which is suitable for your area and the traffic flow is okay in the most crowded servers.

You can get the benefit as well, if you are already using KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app on your laptop, then you don’t need to buy it again for using on Android Phone. Users have five simultaneous connections on one server. You can get access more than 300 servers’ services across 50 global locations. It has some advantages and disadvantages too which are following,

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app has a clean and minimalist desktop and Android phone design.

  • It shows a map of your location.
  • Recommends server as per your location.
  • You don’t need to pay extra charges if you are already using on your PC.
  • Traffic Flow is okay.
  • You have five simultaneous connections on one server.
  • A user can get access more than 300 servers’ services across 50 global locations.
VPN Unlimited – Proxy Shield
VPN Unlimited – Proxy Shield

7. Tigervpns

Tigervpns is another one of the best VPN apps for Android Phone users. It is just one click solution. It’s pricing plans doesn’t match with it’s provided services to the users. Quality is just okay, but pricing ‘s hard to bear with this services. Customer services are also not appreciatable and not competed for the advanced level settings of VPN.

But, you can use this app for free, 500 MB for free every month where you can surf the regular web searching. Ths app is easy to use; you don’t need to learn anything for using it.

It has an extensive list of countries who can use free app. You can figure it out that how much you have to pay for which package. It is a very simple app which everyone can use easily just with “one click.”

Pricing Plans: The price structure of this app is Free / $2.50 for 5GB, $25 for 50GB, $45 for 100GB / $3.50 per month, $10.50 for 3 months, and $33.60 per year.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

8. VPN by Private Internet Access

VPN by Private Internet Access is another best in this list of best VPN apps for Android Phone users with a no-frills interface. It has a lot of features which makes it easy to use and lovable for the surfers. This app helps to load data faster than other apps by compressing it.

Your browsing is going faster than earlier used apps because it makes you more features which help to make browsing better than earlier. One thing is just above board that you don’t need to create an account for using it on your system.

But, you haven’t any option that which server you can use of your choice. You will have to buy a subscription to this app if you want more lovely features. Pro users can get more advanced options for their needs. Some pros and cons are the following,

  • VPN by Private Internet Access has the most necessary features.
  • It compresses the data to increase the speed of standard browsing.
  • Standard charges will apply for getting a Pro account.
  • You can’t choose server of your own choice.

Note: – We will soon update this post after few research. Hope you will like these best Android VPN Apps.

Final Verdict!

We have mentioned the most top rated best VPN apps for Android Phones. These apps are user-friendly, and you don’t need to learn anything for using these apps except one. You can use private networks efficiently. It helps to show those contents with full security and safety of your entire system.

It’s a fact that every app has pros and cons, so we used that app which is compatible with our system and available at the reasonable prices. Some apps ensure the user security at every end for not making trouble more in the future. You can securely use these apps on your laptop and mobile phones.

Feel free to surf the web on the secure platform. Let us know your final Feedback in the comment section below.

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