Facebook Social Toolkit Download Free Latest Version 2020

Facebook Social Toolkit Download

Facebook is one of the largest and most used social media all over the world with over 2billion users. And for this reason, Facebook has introduced the Facebook social toolkit to make use of it with ease.

Facebook Social Toolkit

With Facebook social toolkit you can use your Facebook account to perform tasks efficiently, you can share posts with your Facebook friends, group members, and many other Facebook Tricks.

We are going to talk about downloading the Facebook social toolkit, its features, advantages, how to use the kit, the Facebook social toolkit premium, and the free version.

What is Facebook Social Toolkit?

Facebook Social Toolkit

The Facebook social toolkit is a collection of automation tools that are made to save your time and energy when you are using Facebook. It has free removal tools that will allow you to unlike all Facebook pages at once, remove unnecessary posts from your timeline and more.

With Facebook social toolkit you can also unfriend or unfollow all your Facebook friends at once. In other words, Facebook social toolkit helps you to use your Facebook account with a lot of ease and convenience. It has some great functions such as share status and photos with just one click to multiple friends on Facebook.

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Facebook social toolkit free version

The Facebook social toolkit free version will give you limited access to Facebook automated tools, unlike the premium version that has no limitations. With the free version you can access the following thing;

  • Free removal tools that will help you to unlike your Facebook pages at once, improve your timeline, and remove all posts that you do not want to see from your wall.
  • You can unfriend all your Facebook friends at once if maybe you decide to deactivate your account you do not have to unfriend one by one.
  • It allows you also to unfollow Facebook friends that you do not wish to see their posts.
  • With the free version, you can delete all comments posted on your posts or timeline all just with a single click.
  • You can also reject all friend requests at once if you do not wish to add more friends or if you have reached your friends limit on Facebook.
  • Users are also able to follow all Facebook groups, remove Facebook page likes, and remove all Facebook groups at once.

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Facebook social toolkit premium version

The Facebook social toolkit premium version will give you full access to all Facebook tools without limitations. This premium version will allow you to access the excellent Facebook automated tools that are advanced and can only be found by premium users.

With the premium version, you need to purchase the premium license for a small fee. As a premium user, you can access premium tools such as;

  • Facebook group member tagger, which will allow you to tag or mention all the community members in a comment or post so that they can get information about the post.
  • You also get the Facebook group transfer tool that allows you to transfer your membership of a Facebook group to your friends.
  • The premium version will also allow you to post on multiple Facebook groups at once.
  • It grants the group administrators to share similar information and links on all other Facebook pages administered by the same admin.
  • With Facebook social toolkit premium version you can become an admin of other public groups that do not have an administrator
  • You are able to add all your Facebook friends on a group, and then you can make them admin one by one.
  • The premium version also allows us to send messages to all our Facebook friends at once.
  • You can quickly post on other pages liked by your Facebook friends.
  • You can also join multiple groups using the group IDs separated by commas.
  • It comes with premium extraction tools to extract information about your Facebook friends, Facebook page fun IDs, group email, friend’s email and ID, user likes, group member ID, group member email, and phone numbers.
  • You can also hide your last seen on Facebook for Facebook messages.

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Well, the Facebook toolkit extension comes with a variety of handy features. These features are easy to access and saves a big portion of our useful time. Some of these features are listed below.

  1. Prank your Facebook friends with the love calculator.
  2. Once click post on all Facebook pages that you manage.
  3. Unfriend all Facebook friends with a single click.
  4. You can accept or reject all the friend requests at once.
  5. Send the same messages to all friends on your friend list at once.

Advantages of the Facebook social toolkit

The best thing about Facebook social toolkit is that it gives you full access to automated tools that make the use of Facebook easy and convenient. You are able to perform tasks easily and fastly without much stress.

It also helps to connect to as many friends as you want, depending on the information you want to share. Since you cannot spend the whole day on Facebook, sometimes maybe you are busy, but you need to share something with friends, Facebook social toolkit makes it easy for you by all means.

With Facebook social toolkit you can perform tasks more easily and faster than the regular use of Facebook. For example, with the premium edition, you can share a lot of things with multiple Facebook friends with just a single click. The Facebook social toolkit will also help to get rid of things you do not wish to see on your timelines and also the posts from people you do not want.

How to use Facebook Social Toolkit?

You want to use the Facebook social toolkit, and you already have installed the extension on your Google Chrome browser, you will need to remove it then follow steps below carefully.


First off Click the button below to Download Facebook social toolkit premium zip file.

   Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium


Extract the compressed file, then drag and drop the file from the extracted folder to the extensions page on your Google Chrome browser.


Click on the add extension button and the extension will be added.


On your PC click and open ‘my computer’, then copy and paste below address into the location bar, then replace the I Tech GYD with your computer name.

(C: Users I TechGYDAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensionsfcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep2.3.1_0contentjsglobal)


From the extracted zip file folder you will see validate.jsp file that you need to move to the above location by replacing it with the existing file.


Now you can open Google Chrome and log in to your Facebook account then click on the extension icon; it will give you a list of all automated tools.


If you are using the premium version, it will ask you to fill in your email address and license serial key. Enter the details and click on unlock. Now you will have access to all premium tools.

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Final Verdict!

Well, Facebook social toolkit is an extremely useful extension available on various desktop browsers. If you are a busy person, then it’s no less than a piece of gold for you. Facebook won’t allow some tasks to perform, but the social toolkit will let us initiate those tasks.

If you got something useful from the article, then don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Social toolkit extension is also available in chrome store for download.

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