How To Use Tinder Without Facebook In 2023 (3 Working Tricks)

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

There is a quick question to know about you that why are you here? Are you a lover of Tinder? Do you want to use tinder without facebook logging in?

Do you have a spouse or you are a married person who wants to hide the Tinder activity from your beloved ones?

Tinder Without Facebook

As you all know that Tinder and Facebook has a relationship :p that’s why you can’t logging Tinder in without Facebook. Officially, there is no way to use Tinder like this.

Tinder Without Facebook

Tinder without Facebook

Then you are at the very right place because I’m going to guide you that how can you use Tinder Without Facebook logging in and without informing your friends.

Let us dig more to know about the way that how is it possible to use like this? Am I fooling you or going to give you the best and accurate way of using Tinder?

You will be shocked when you know about the method of using it without Facebook. Here you go,

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Is Using Tinder Without Facebook Possible?

Tinder Without Facebook

Is Using Tinder Without Facebook Possible?

So, you think that I’m joking Or just diverting your mind towards the wrong thing and fake information? No, not at all, I’m serious about this and believe me, there is nothing impossible.

Everything is possible in this world then why this method can’t happen by real means? My answer is Yes, It is possible. Now you are able to use Tinder without logging with Facebook.

You will know the exact method and the next session. Keep reading the post until the end. Go down and read it for understanding the process to use Tinder.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

Tinder Without Facebook

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

Tinder and Facebook has a strong relationship where you can use Facebook without Tinder, but you can’t use Tinder without Facebook. So, there is no official way to use Tinder without logging in to Facebook.

But there are three major ways which are a little bit change in their policy, and you can use it perfectly without logging with Facebook. Here is three main ways are following:


Change Tinder Application Priorities in the Facebook Account.


Creating a New Fake Facebook Account for using Tinder.


Changing some Settings from the Tinder App

Let us know one by one below. Keep reading…

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1. Use Tinder Without Facebook By Changing FB Account Privacy

There is a first way that you can change the privacy setting on your personal Facebook account. I think this is the easiest and quick way to hide your identity on Tinder.

Tinder Without Facebook

When you hide the Tinder app by going to the privacy setting of the Facebook is just like you are using Tinder without FB. How’s that?

You can use Tinder by logging into the Facebook then change the app settings in no minutes after signing up to the Tinder. In this way, you can hide your identity and activity of Tinder easily from your beloved ones whom you won’t share anything.

Here is how you can change the privacy setting of your Facebook Account. Just follow the few steps below and rock well.


First off, you need to log into your Facebook Account.


Now go to Lock icon from the right side upper bar and select settings.

Tinder Without Facebook


After getting into the settings, scroll down and find the App section.


Now click on the Tinder App. A new page will open.


Here you can set the privacy setting to Only Me.

That’s it from this section. Now you have hidden the Tinder activities from your FB Friends. So, this is the way where you can use Tinder without notifying your Friends of FB.

Now move to the next step.

2. Use Tinder Without Facebook By Creating New Facebook Account

Here is the very easy way that you can create new FB Account for creating Tinder account with FB. If you don’t want to use your personal account, then this is the best choice for you to create another Fake account.

Tinder Without Facebook

Here is what you have to do with this method. Follow a few steps below.


First off, go to website.


Add the required fields and click on Create button to create new FB Account.

If you already have Tinder account and want to add new FB Account then follow the below steps


Go to Tinder app and check the Settings gear at the top left of tinder.


Tap on App settings then log out and confirm. Now you are logged out.


Now sign in again with the newly created FB Account.


Your Tinder app is now connected to the new FB Account.

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3. Use Tinder Without Facebook By Changing Settings from Tinder

Everyone is looking for the easiest way, and this one is the very easy method among all other ways. In this way, you just need to tweak your Tinder App settings on your mobile phone.

Tinder Without Facebook

Just follow the three steps

  • Open Tinder App on your mobile phone.
  • After opening it up, go to Settings of Tinder App.
  • You can deselect “Show Me On Tinder Social”.

Hope you got this method and found it helpful for your privacy. By using this method, you can hide your all type activities from social media profiles, especially Facebook.

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Download Tinder App

You can download Tinder from links below;

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Final Verdict!

Did you like the article about how to use tinder without facebook?

Hope it helps you a lot, and you can easily do one of the methods for hiding your activities from the social profile of Facebook.

In my opinion, all the methods are super easy; you can follow on of the methods and hid everything related to your Tinder account.

If you are really privacy concern person and don’t want to share your activities on Tinder in Facebook Profile, then you have to use above steps.

If you like these methods, then you can share your views by commenting below so that we know how much this article helps you.

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