Best Android Themes (Top 10) to Refresh Your Phone’s Look 2020

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2020)

Best Android Themes To Fresh Your Smartphone’s Display:

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Customizing your smartphone is the best feature of Android OS which makes people happy. If you are going to customize your smartphone instead of provided themes by the Android Phone, then you need launchers, icon packs, and widgets.

You can use them on your phone by downloading it from the Internet whether paid or free as there are plenty of themes and icon packs available on the market. It’s up to you.

I’m not just talking about the changing background wallpaper or lock screen but giving a theming look to your Phone.

In here, you can give the best theming look to your phone as there are best apps and best Android Themes to help your device look different and eye catchy.

Theming is highly subjective what you like for your phone; others may not like it, so don’t get confused. Just make your Phone unique than others.

I’m going to give you some fantastic and excellent best Android Themes for your smartphone so that you can get an idea or maybe choose one of them. Here you go,

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Top 10 Best Android Themes of 2020

Here I’m going to enlist top 10 latest Best Android Themes to change your Phone look different and above the board. There you go,

1. ZenUI : Best Theme For Android

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

ZenUI has a pool of high-quality themes with advanced customisation features and the expected shortage of poor ones.

You can choose advanced features for the sake of customising your Phone into a brand new look which is entirely different.

ZenUI launcher developed by Asus which has some features trapping the spam such as awkward search menu set up by default and swipe with the upward side. But it adds to the home screen so that you can easily be removed from the three Zen-specific shortcuts.


Even you can quickly adjust as per your home screen size and change the transitional animation for moving from one to another home screen.

It also allows you to protect your home screen from unauthorised access by using its security tool like CM Applock for Asus. It works as a screen lock.

2. Catapult Android Theme

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

I would like to suggest Catapult if you are interested in a free alternative to Google Now Launcher.

To be honest, it is the renamed super version of Trebuchet which is a simplified application introduced with CyanogenMod.

By using this theme, you will see the left-hand side drawer which is not present in the Google Now launcher.

It is not providing only left side drawer but offers plenty of customisation features that are the most demanding features as per the users.

Let me tell you further that when you install this app first time, you will realise that this is a replica of Google Now launcher, but it’s actually not.


For exploring its personalisation centre, you need to hold your finger a little bit on the home screen so that you can view all the available options.

At the bottom side, you will see the three visible options called settings, screen background, and widgets. You can use these sections for changing the appearance of this launcher more.

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3. Go Launcher EX : Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Go Launcher EX is one of the best Android Themes which can dress up your mobile phone with plenty of its free themes.

In this Launcher, you will use your gestures like pinching the welcome screen, and even you can change its contextual menus by holding your finger.

You can modify the entire widget by holding your finger on the screen.


There is only one disadvantage that is many freemium application installation starts after the very first use. This is a totally free theme which can be installed on the above 2.3 Android system.

4. CM Launcher : Best Android Theme

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

CM Launcher is the coolest thing I have ever seen, especially the minimalist background screen where a winter scene created with a tree and a man walking away from it, gorgeous.

It looks so fresh and fascinating more users who love winter season and want to enjoy such loneliness by walking alone.


The icon shapes are straightforward but attractive to look and amazed me as per my taste; even it can attract the users who are the fan of fantasy.

White’s two-tone scene is the most beautiful and attractive scene ever.

5. Album – Change Your Android Theme

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

In my point of view, one of the best Android themes is an Album theme which works with Go Locker it can transform your lock screen into a map.

The map tiles do not just look good but it also functional, you can use these tiles for seeing the 3D effects.

On the lock screen, you can see numbers of square shaped tiles which leads to a particular app, just swipe the tiles with the message symbol.


Your every home screen app convert into a shape of a square which is functional too. You can use them to tap into it.

It is the disorganised look of the colours which is really cool, entertaining, and unique.

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6. Pinko for APUS Launcher

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Pinko is also one of the best Android themes for APUS Launcher which is the most favourite theme for a long time.

It puts your all apps into circles, and the circles are coloured and designed with an attractive look.

It just creates a retro style which is actually not so unique because it just turns all the app into a group of circles.


Though it’s an old app, it looks fresh and neater as compare to other ordinary themes.

7. Jellyfish 3D for Hola Launcher

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

It is a simple theme for Hola Launcher because it just creates a ripple of effect when you tap on display which is actually a default effect for all Android users.

So why need this theme? The background of this theme is an underwater scene where you will swipe, and it will create the ripple of effect.


Jellyfish 3D for Hola Launcher has so soft and bright tones for icons. It looks simple, attractive, and neater features and the colour combination is also matched with the background of this theme.

8. Music Life

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Music Life theme is for Go Launcher inspired by graffiti art which looks so colourful and themed.

All the icons are custom created with the street-art style, paint splash drop shadow designs and all the features of this theme is so fresh and fresh.


The disadvantage of Go Launcher is this launcher throws numbers of irritating ads and bloatware at you, so be careful.

If you feel better with these irritating ads, then you can give it go smoothly.

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9. Glasklart

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Glasklart theme is one of the best Android themes in my opinion which works with Apex Launcher. It has many fascinating and fantastic unique icons slightly less standard apps such as Anututu.

These apps look like a ghost which is drawn in a single shade of white colour, so the apps names are hard to see clearly with the grey background.


I would like to suggest the Glasklart theme which looks so amazing and attractive with its white and silver icons with the background of purple.

The Glasklart is so expertly shaded and subtle icons which look great to view. Highly Recommended

10. Nova Launcher

Best Android Themes

Best Android Themes

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android users; it has the most fan following and numbers of downloads.

It has a smooth performance with minimalistic design. This launcher is perfect on the launcher for Stock UI Lovers.

Nova Launcher is also available in the free version where you can explore the colour controls, scroll back dock, custom icons, scroll effect, custom grid, and loads more features.


You can use it to dress up your smartphone to look more attractive and neatly.

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Final Words: Best Android Themes

Did you like “best Android Themes” article? This article is all about the Android Themes which is used by millions of the Android users who want to give a different look to their smartphones.

All the themes mentioned above are available on the Google Play Store where you can grab them quickly. Most of them are free; if you want to use premium themes, then you are free to purchase themes to give a nice look to your mobile phones.

I have mentioned the most used top themes in the above list, and you can grab any of the themes as per your taste. Go and grab it from Google Play Store.

Well, if you found any difficulty in order to choose the best theme, then you may contact us by using the below comment section.

Keep visiting us for more valuable stuff in the future. Stay Blessed

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