Reliance Jio Recharge Plans for Prime and Non-Prime Members

Everyone is looking for Jio Recharge Plans. Some of us want to know about Jio prime plans and some others are want to know about non-prime plans. Before sharing recharge plans of JIO, I would love to tell you about the company. So, let’s start.

Jio company is sub-branch of Reliance which is lead by richest Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani. He gave a new life to the Indian telecom service by launching JIO. He has changed everything about internet data, calls, and messages.

People of India are very thankful to Mukesh Ambani because he saved a lot of money from other telecom companies who was charging arbitrary charges. But, after the date of launching JIO, they were feeling compact, and they automatically reduced their internet and calling plans.

Jio free internet data, calls, and messages profit are not only for Jio users instead it helps other company users too because other companies also had to reduce their recharge plans.

After ending free service, Jio again launched a new offer for one year which is known as Jio Prime membership which has been expired now and who recharged for JIO prime membership are very lucky because they will get unlimited free internet data service along with calls and messages in very less price.

Jio Prime users can get extra benefits in the same cost but don’t worry if you’re a non-prime, then they are also providing some offers for you.

So, you’re here to know JIO Recharge Plans, Right? Okay, without wasting more time, let’s scroll down and know which recharge offer is best for you. I’ll share both plans respectively, first Jio Recharge Plans for prime members and after that for Non-Prime members. Let’s start;

Reliance Jio Recharge Plans for Prime Members

If you’re a Jio prime member, then here are the recharge plans that you can do right now on your JIO SIM.

Plans (₹)BenefitsValidity
₹ 19200 MB1 Day
₹ 49600 MB3 Days
₹ 967 GB7 Days
₹ 1492 GB28 Days
₹ 30328 GB28 Days
₹ 49956 GB28 Days
₹ 99960 GB2 Month
₹ 1999125 GB3 Month
₹ 4999350 GB6 Month
₹ 9999750 GB1 Year

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Jio Recharge Plans for Non-Prime Members

Are you a Jio Non-Prime member and want to know which plans are for you, then I would like to tell you that, Plans are same in amounts but there is less benefit for you. Details are given below in the table.

Plans (₹)BenefitsValidity
₹ 19100 MB1 Day
₹ 49300 MB3 Days
₹ 96600 MB7 Days
₹ 1491 GB28 Days
₹ 3032.5 GB28 Days
₹ 4995 GB28 Days
₹ 99912.5 GB1 Month
₹ 199930 GB1 Month
₹ 4999100 GB1 Month
₹ 9999200 GB1 Month

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Over to You!

So, these are the reliance Jio recharge plans that you can try right now on your Jio SIM. If you have any query regarding it, don’t feel shy to ask us. We’ll surely help you and try to answer all of your queries. If we missed any Jio recharge plan in above table, please tell us. We’ll surely add that plan to above list, and it will be helpful for other users too. Thank You.

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