10 Best Youtube Downloader Apps for Android (2017 Edition)

Best Youtube Downloader Apps for Android: YouTube is the most using search engine in the globe which is using for video sharing and watching different type’s videos. The world becomes a Global Village. YouTube is one of the factors which plays an important role to make the world a Global Village.

Everything is available on YouTube which is the second largest search engine in the cyber world, and today we’re here with the best Youtube downloader apps for android that can help you to download all videos from Youtube without any cost.

When we stuck at somewhere and looked for an immediately help us, then YouTube comes in our minds. YouTube has a vast knowledge about everything which happened in the world on a daily basis. We also want help in the various matter, and YouTube helps us regarding it.

YouTube is not just placed on the browser, but there are many Best YouTube Downloader Apps for Android on the Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone which makes our life easier.

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10 Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2017

Best Youtube Downloader Apps for Android

Youtube Downloader Apps for Android Phone are hard to find since YouTube search engine changes their Terms of Use policy day by day. It causes some problem to download videos. We are going to present some working ways for youtube download in Android Phones. There are plenty of ways to download a YouTube video by using some useful free best youtube downloader apps for Android phones.

1. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is one from the best Youtube downloader apps to download for all type YouTUbe videos. You may able to save multiple videos at a time. Freemake name itself shows that you can download any video for free by using Freemake Video Downloader app. It is producing a massive range of video and audio related software free of charge. It is super easy to use for downloading YouTube videos.

This Youtube downloader is downloading videos quick and fast from YouTube.This Youtube Downloader is compatible with all multimedia data sharing websites including Photobucket, Dailymotion, Hulu, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can set the output of your video to one of the supported video files by using Freemake Video Downloader. You can also save your audio project file like MP3 if you are interested in a video’s audio.

2. YouTube Downloader App

YouTube Downloader app gives a lot of benefits regarding downloading YouTube videos and audios. Use an SSH for downloading videos directly to your computer; you just need to press on the video. You require Wget and Bash mainly for this and you can access the video by just clicking on the YouTube-link else you can access videos via the “share” option. By using it, You can download any video format but saving the videos depends on the quality of the available video on the website.

So, Youtube Downloader App is another best one from this list of best Youtube downloader apps. Another impressive feature of this app is to extract and convert the videos to different formats such as MP3. You can also allocate and copy the videos to other locations. You have to keep in your mind before installing this app on your Android phone that enables the installing non-market applications in your phone settings and “unknown sources” in your settings menu of the app.


Tubemate is an Android Application from where you can search a variety of YouTube videos and download them instantly. This is a free app for Android users. Tubemate is the most suggested app for downloading your favorite videos from the site, and it allows you to carry out download in various formats and resolutions of YouTube videos.

Tubemate is providing plenty of options such as arrange downloads, make customizations, save temp files, and change the folders of destination. Fast downloading is also provided on different connections which download videos quickly. You can download your desired video in a trustworthy and fast way. The user interface of this app is easy to use and easy to customize. You can download multiple videos at once, and format converting is also possible with this app.


  • You can download YouTube videos with high-speed processing using multiple internet connections at the same time
  • By using it, You can download videos with plenty of video and audio formats such as FLV, MR4, 3GP, etc.
  • You can select the destination folder where to save the downloaded video to your phone.
  • You can customize the theme
  • It supports background downloads
  • You can download multiple video files at a time
  • You can Pause and Resume download anytime
  • It has user-friendly interface

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DROID YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER is a fantastic app for Android smartphones including Evo 4G, Droid, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S, and Nexus Prime. You can not only download videos from YouTube but Dailymotion too. If you have searched multiple videos and you want to download them at one attempt, then you don’t need to worry because this app helps you to download them afterward. You can store videos in high-quality such as 720px, 1080px along with the audio extracting functionality.


WONTUBE YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER is a free, user-friendly application. You can download multiple videos at once by using this app. By using it, You can depend on this app regarding assistance to buffering. You will not face any connectivity, low-speed connectivity, data streaming, and network coverage by using this app. Forget the connectivity problems forever if you are going to use this app. Download your favorite YouTube videos to watch it offline at any time everywhere.

Key Features

  • It is 100% free video downloader app for YouTube videos
  • You can watch your cached YouTube videos without loading/buffering
  • It is recommended app for 3g, 4g and edge internet connection
  • It has built-in notification feature which is above board

6. FREEdi YouTube Downloader

FREEdi YouTube Downloader provides the super fast downloading process and makes it easy to watch YouTube videos. This app has the option of high-quality videos and number of formats that you can use it while you are downloading any video from YouTube. Even you can resume or pause the downloading process. Auto Re-Download feature can able to continue downloading process even while reconnecting due to any issue. The built-in streaming player is given to the users in playing the YouTube videos. FREEdi app is compatible with lower and high-end versions of Android.


  • FREEdi app Supports High-Quality
  • It also supports HD playback even on a 3g/4g Network.
  • Playing videos from playlists continuously one and after another.
  • This app can retain favorite playlists which are created by others.
  • You can create playlists without logging into YouTube account


Video Tube is another favorite and one of the most popular YouTube Downloader apps for Android Phones which allows the user to use touch gestures for quick background player, track skip, alter speed, rewind, AB looping, orientation locking, forward and much more.


  • This app includes abilities to shuffle, playlist and video repeat
  • This app enables users to play background playlist.
  • User can control the touch screen
  • Usability and Visibility of the interface are spectacular.

So, this app is one of the best apps of this best Youtube Downloader apps.

8. iTube Pro for PlayTube

iTube Pro for PlayTube is not the type of YouTube video Downloader. It does not have the ability to download videos from YouTube, but it has the quality of playing HD videos. It has some impressive features that you would love to use this app. There is no need to register yourself on this app, and once the video has cached to your Android phone, then there is no need of Internet for watching that video in the future. So, you can say that it is sort of YouTube Video Downloader app.


  • There is no need for registration.
  • It is a free app.
  • There is no need for Internet Connectivity once video cached initially.
  • This app supports HD video.


Tubex is a Free Android YouTube Video Downloader App for quick downloading and watching videos. It has numerous impressive features to download and watch the video as well. In every cyber work, you need a good internet connection, but if you are using this app, then you can download youtube videos with high-speed volume even your internet connection is slow.


  • You can download number of files at the same time
  • It provide high-speed downloading process
  • You can download videos with MP3, 720P, FLV, MP4, etc. formats
  • You can convert video files
  • There are pause and resume options also available
  • You can save your favorite videos on your YouTube Account

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EASYTUBE is offering built-in search facilities; this feature makes this app incredible and unique. You can use the search box for searching various videos of any category by just typing into the search box.

There are many options for setting video formats even you can download audio file in MP3 format. This is the main reason that this EASYTUBE app deserves the position on the top most 5 YouTube Android Downloader apps.

This app has a user-friendly interface that comes with simple navigation features which are just above board. You can also download the bunch of videos, audio, or music from YouTube with several different and needed formats.

In Conclusion of Best Youtube Downloader Apps

So, these are the best Youtube downloader apps for Android 2017 to download Youtube videos for free. There are numerous YouTube Downloader Apps available in the market. But we give our best to show the world’s best and expert recommended best YouTube downloader apps for Android Phones. These are the top-notch quality based applications for your Android device.

These YouTube downloader apps are easy to use, reliable, and a good number of best features which makes them worth to use. You can choose one of them from downloader as mentioned above apps that are compatible with your Android phone. We hope that you have found some valuable material from this article.

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