IDM Alternatives: 10 Best Alternatives to Internet Download Manager

IDM Alternatives: Internet download manager also known as IDM is a complete solution for regular downloading. It is a fully featured download manager with best tools provided in it, making it the best download manager.

IDM links itself with other browsers and tries to grab all downloads automatically. It offers best download speed and also automatically connects if your internet is down for a while. You get 30 days free trial of IDM, and you need to buy a license for your every device you use after the trial.

Here I’m listing the top 10 best alternatives of Internet download manager which is useful for all kind of users, heavy or light both of them will find it useful.

10 Best IDM Alternatives List 2017

1. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Download accelerator plus which is also commonly knows as DAP is a free, trusted and oldest download manager available online with more than 300 Million installs. It is compatible with the most version of Windows and Mac. It shows ads on each download, which will mostly appear before the downloading starts.

With an excellent user interface, DAP is the best alternative to IDM. It also allows you to check download contents before starting the download. Hence, you don’t have to worry about broken links. It scans the downloads with leading antivirus software. There are two variants of DAP the first one is the free version which is available here. And there is a premium version too; you can check details here.

2. Orbit Downloader.

Orbit downloader is not just another download manager and a feature loaded software which is compatible with all versions of Windows XP. It is similar to IDM, but have some great features. It mainly focuses download contents like music, videos, and files from websites like YouTube, Pandora, Rapidshare, and MySpace, etc. You can easily download contents from a web page and also download streaming media from social media websites. You can also setup a proxy server for your downloads. It also supports MMS, FTP, RTSP and RTMP protocols.

3. JDownloader.

JDownloader is an open source download manager which is compatible with all leading operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. This software has a useful feature of scheduling your downloads. With a little bit knowledge of Java, you can customize this download manager. It has all the main features that IDM have; you can pause resume and manage your download list. You can select how many downloads you need to continue simultaneously, which is missing in IDM.

4. Internet Download Accelerator.

Internet download accelerator is getting famous quickly in the world of download managers. It covers mainly all features of IDM and is capable of splitting download files into two parts making the download 2x faster. You can also refresh the expired link to regenerate the download again. We have noticeably seen a healthy increase in download speed, by splitting it into various parts. You can also resume broken downloads.

5. FreeRapid Downloader.

FreeRapid Downloader is accessible for Windows, Linux, Mac-OS, and so on. Quit bearing the common lazy kind downloading and go at something exceptional. It’s a Java-based downloader and plans to download things from Facebook, YouTube, and other record sharing websites. It allows adding direct links in the manager by its default option. It offers a consistent program joining and shows your downloading speed at each moment also gives you a chance to plan your downloads. Overall, this one is best IDM alternatives.

6. GoZilla Downloader.

Godzilla helps you to increase your download speed by providing the file from multiple servers for fewer interruptions in your downloads. You could resume your download if there were an OS crash or internet connectivity problem. It automatically integrates with your all browsers making it super easy to use. This IDM alternative easily grabs files from web sites and FTP servers. It supports all major browsers and FTP, BitTorrent and other protocols and the best option for downloading large sized files as it downloads from multiple servers.

7. Mipony.

If you download large files with file sharing platforms, then Mipony is the best option for you. Mipony automates all downloads also optimizes your broadband connection to get better speed and stability. It also has an embedded web browser, and if you use paid accounts of file sharing platforms, then this is the safest option for you. It worked well for us with Fileserve, Hotfile, and Rapidshare. You don’t have to worry about anything in Mipony as everything is automatic. This is the best alternatives to IDM.

8. Download Accelerator Manager (DAM).

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) help us to download all documents as well as web media records from such most famous destinations like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and so forth at greatest speed. DAM is one of the best downloading programs like IDM to get recordings and sound music from a site page. It works in all vital web programs. DAM is blasting quick, spotless and straightforward to utilize.

9. FlashGet.

FlashGet is available in two versions, free and paid one. The free one comes with ads and is capable of downloading files from multiple sources, which is same as paid version, but it doesn’t show ads. This manager supports various protocols for downloading files, and the user doesn’t have to download seeds for this, the software will do it automatically. It also supports torrent files too.

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The main feature of FlashGet is the anti-malware feature. It will automatically scan the downloaded files to make sure it is virus and malware free. It ensures the security of the computer. FlashGet also works like an antivirus which will clean your computer to make it virus free and hence you can boost the download speed.

10. GetRight Download Manager.

GetRight Download Manager helps you to schedule, resume and accelerate all your downloads automatically. You never have to worry about broken links or low speed or even inactive broadband; it will never let your download stop. This is growing quickly day by day and would be a great competitor of IDM in future. It integrates with almost all leading browsers and also has it inbuilt browser. You can set priority and time of your download list; even there are multiple filters to adjust the list. Organize your download with mirror searching option. Also, you can play the game instead of watching the download bar. A natural choice to kill time.

In Conclusion of IDM Alternatives

So, this all about top 10 alternatives to Internet Download Manager (IDM). You can’t simply judge the best IDM alternatives because all of the above IDM Alternatives have some unique feature depending on the user requirements. According to my usage, I think the list is perfect. You can comment some other best IDM alternatives if you know some good options. If you have any query, then ask us by using below comment section. 🙂


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