YouTube Alternatives 2017: Top 8 Best Video Sharing Sites

Youtube Alternatives: The Internet has the most beautiful and popular website called YouTube. It is a free video hosting site with very limited capabilities. YouTube has a very restricted rule and its privacy and terms of use change day by day. Typically, nowadays people use YouTube for viral sensations and for earning purposes. But they suffer a lot because of its privacy, terms, and conditions of use.

So, if you do not feel comfortable with YouTube, then there are a lot of best YouTube alternatives out there which you can use. There are plenty of video sharing high-quality websites available on the Internet other than YouTube which may not be feasible for some people. If you are looking for best YouTube alternatives, then you can use one of them.

8 YouTube Alternatives 2017

Nowadays, YouTube has become more popular free video sharing website because of its enormous user base. Have you ever imagine that if YouTube has banned in your country or there is no YouTube. Then where would you go for video streaming? Well, you really don’t need to worry, we have got a list of top best YouTube alternative websites for your solution. These Youtube alternatives websites provide you wonderful video sharing opportunities with HD quality. Here you go;

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1. Vimeo

YouTube has an artsy cousin Vimeo. Vimeo is the most popular video sharing website after YouTube. People can share their videos to channels or groups. There is a built-in feature of video school from which you can create more better videos. Vimeo can be a good choice if you are looking for more traffic than YouTube. As Vimeo has a right amount of active users and also a high ranking position on the search engines.

Key Features: There are many other features which make this video sharing website more productive and appealing. It also suggests users make their video more and better for getting more traffic from there. There are a good amount of high-quality music videos and short films uploaded to Vimeo. Vimeo prefers quality over quantity. You can upload your videos of good HD quality in a week more than 5 GB data. Though it can be increased up to 2GB by upgrading it.

Why Vimeo?: If you are damn serious about the creativity and quality of the videos, then it is a stable platform for you. It is the best video sharing website if you are looking for more productive traffic, fewer trolls, and more feedback. Hopefully, you did not know that Vimeo is an anagram of the movie.

Review: Classy

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another best YouTube alternative video streaming website. It is the second most popular site around the globe. It was started by a guy in his Paris flat in the year of 2005 which is based in France nowadays. The same year YouTube has also launched. It feels like a YouTube with a set of different categories, trending, featuring videos, and visible searching bar. You just need to click on video which you want to watch, and it appears in the coolest player. Although it has not the finest player as YouTube have.

Dailymotion offers almost good quality videos to watch. You can find out any viral clip or short clip (minimum 2 minutes) on the Dailymotion same as on YouTube. It has almost the same weakness and strength like YouTube. This can prove the best alternative to the YouTube among all websites on the internet. So, if you are really want to use another platform instead of YouTube then it is the best option for you, but it needs hard struggle to find your real identity.

Review: Clone

3. Metacafe

Metacafe is another best YouTube alternatives website with a lot of features. Before knowing about the features and worth of this site, we would like to give you some information about this site. Metacafe is starting in the year of 2003 in Tel Aviv, with two Israeli entrepreneurs, now it is based in San Francisco. It is switched from a Dailymotion/YouTube model to the short-form video platform. It has a very busy homepage dominated by the most beautiful banner ad that is why it gives a different feel than YouTube. There are different categories in the drop-down menu such as Music, Games, Movies, and much more other collection.

Just like YouTube, it has linked the video that can be watched one after another of the same category. One video linked with another but with the same category that you might be interested in watching and sharing. In this way, you don’t need to search that video in a new tab. WE would like to suggest this site for video streaming, but it still lacks some issues. But it is the best selection if you are just interested in sharing your short clips on the site.

Review: Viral Short-films

4. Blip

Blip is the best YouTube alternatives for the web series. Blip is another popular video sharing site which is also launched in the same year when YouTube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe launched. But all of them little bit different from each other. As we told earlier, this website is launched in the year of 2005, and it is based in the NewYork. It offers an exclusive platform for the film producers who makes web series.

The homepage of Blip is full of latest released web series that makes up the bulk of contents. It also has same features as other sites offering when you click on one video from the highlighted videos; then other relevant videos are also displayed in the same queue. This one is the good strategy that you can watch videos of the same web series. Blip has a good player just like Vimeo which automates the light into light, dark, and dims while the video is displaying. The set of the web series look more sensations and appealing when it is organized in the category.

Review: Episodic

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5. Veoh

Veoh has launched after one year of YouTube in 2006 which is San Diego-based website. It has a strange contents mix of music, user-generated content, and movies. Veoh has a very simple home page, but it is hard to find where to start after signing it up. There is a drop down menu of all categories where you can find music, movies, and short clips of the short films. The music and movies tabs are more worthy of exploring.

Veoh allows the unlimited length of videos that you can upload on this site. The most important feature is you can embed the Veoh’s video player in any website. Upload and embed the video of good HD quality with unlimited size of the video.

Review: Confused

6. Hulu

There is another great finding of best YouTube alternatives on the internet. Hulu is the best site for watching tv shows and series online. Hulu site is free to use, but some restrictions apply. You just need a good internet connection and you ready to go. Enjoy your favorite movies, episodic dramas for free. Hulu provides the current and past season of videos from FOX, MTV, NBS, and ABC.

Pros & Cons:

  • Hulu site is free and easy to use.
  • Hulu offers you TV dramas, series, and seasons.
  • You can experiment with a selection of hot movies, television shows, and clips.
  • There is a significant disadvantage that you can’t use this site if you are not from the US. You need US nationality for it to work.

7. Vuclip

Finally, here is another video streaming website similar to YouTube. Vuclip has contained a massive database of movie clips. The most attractive feature of this site is focusing on the mobile media industry which enables users to enjoy the film on internet connected smartphones. But it has some cons too.

Pros & Cons:

  • You can watch your desired movie.
  • It has a huge database of the movies and music.
  • You can enjoy movies on the Mobile Phones
  • You have to pay for some premium videos as this site is a commercial.

8. Viddler

Here is another one of the best YouTube alternatives video streaming site which is known as Viddler. It works like a YouTube, but it caters more to business as compare to user-generated homemaker videos. This site has added business tools to make your video more productive and attractive. It offers promotional clips, advertisement professional look, and corporate videos. If you are looking for making promotional clips and professional ad videos, then this site is best for you. Try it and Enjoy it’s business features which make it unique from other websites. Viddler has some pros and cons as well.

  • Viddler provides business tool
  • Business tools used for making videos more professional
  • Viddler site does not fit for home video makers.

In the Conclusion of YouTube Alternatives

Let’s be frank and admit that none website can compete YouTube regarding a sheer number of videos, the right amount of users, popularity, and brand awareness. We acknowledge that other websites also have some piece of reputation on the internet regarding quality. But trust us, people will have forgotten sites mentioned above with the passage of time.

We bet that you have not imagined an online video sharing site other than YouTube. If you have imagined then sites above are according to your taste. Which can fulfill your needs regarding best video streaming? Although, there are many other video sharing sites on the Internet for sharing and watching videos of high-quality. But we have mentioned best YouTube alternatives websites for you. You can choose any of them for making a video impressive. Let us know what you have come up in your mind after reading this article in the comment section below.

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