Truecaller Number Search Online to Find Who is Calling You 2020

Use Online Truecaller Number Search:

Hello to all Guys! I’m again here with a very new topic which is hot today. If I’m not wrong, you are looking for Truecaller Number Search.

In this article, you will find detailed information about the “Truecaller Number Search” application.

Truecaller Number Search

Truecaller Number Search Online

Truecaller Number Search

Truecaller is an online application and website which you can use for finding detail about the unknown phone number or even a landline number too.

The detailed information includes address, location, and the name of the caller ID.

Truecaller application also used for blocking unwanted calls and saving that number detail in your phonebook using social media profiles.

This app can tell you who is calling you before picking up the call.

My Personal Experience

If I share my experience with the Truecaller Number Search application, then I have only one word that is just OUTSTANDING app.

I had used this app when I received many unwanted crap calls from unknown numbers, and I didn’t know those numbers so I didn’t recognize that who is calling me continuously.

I wished that I could able to find the caller identity that who is that person, what’s the name and location so I can catch him/her in red-handed.

It is not because these numbers are irritating me but for some time I didn’t receive that call, so It was a bit difficult for me to recognize this figure.

It’s not only me, but we all are facing this issue at some points. I was searching for an excellent tool that can identify the number for me.

So, I found Truecaller application one day which was a great respite, and I did get all the details of my all unknown numbers by using this app.

Finally, I feel relaxed after finding such an innovative site.

Trust me; this app is just unbelievable and worth using because you can find detail what you want in no minutes, that’s the beauty of this application.

How to Find Details using Online Truecaller Number Search?

Truecaller Number Search

Truecaller Number Search

Truecaller needs a huge telephone directory, and it relies on the largest mobile phone communities.

The TrueCaller app will pick up all the contacts from your phonebook directory if you install the TrueCaller app.

Then it will integrate the details into a global database that is actually managed by the service behind it.

The app collects all the information from millions or billions of the users that are why the database size becomes gigantic.

You can search the details of any phone number with TrueCaller website or application if you want to search.

Let me tell you how you can get this app on your cell phone.


You have to go to the TrueCaller website first.


Now you need to sign-in on the website which will give you the following options to log in successfully:

  • Yahoo! account
  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Microsoft account


After logging in, you need to enter the number for which you are curious to know about the detailed information. Now the website will detect your country code and country name; then you can select the code from the drop-down list there.


Now click on the search button.


This website will wade through all the database then it will show you the find details for that given number.

Have a look at this Youtube video to understand it deeper.

How to Download TrueCaller App?

Truecaller Number Search

There is good news that the TrueCaller app is not available only on the Android play store, but it can be found on the Apple iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

You just need to search TrueCaller from your respective stores in which Operating System are you using.

Then download it for installing it on your cell phone.

You can download and install the TrueCaller app from the TrueCaller website if you are using older operating systems like Nokia and Symbian.

Key features of TrueCaller App

Truecaller Number Search

Features of Truecaller

Here are some major features which are needed to point out so that you use this app for your own convenience. Here we go,

  1. First of all, it’s a totally free app.
  2. This app allows you to search for any phone number in any country.
  3. This app automatically matches the result from its database to recognize an incoming call.
  4. It also allows you to reject a call if you don’t want to talk to that caller.
  5. It returns the most useful information for that given number.
  6. TrueCaller app enables you to enrich your phonebook by offering social media options that you can connect your contacts book with their social media profiles. In this way, the app will fetch all the detail from their social media profiles into your contact book.
  7. The TrueCaller app is available on the play store of every phone operating system.
  8. If you don’t have respective, OS then you can use its website where you just need to sign in using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, or Google+ account. After signing in, you can do many searches as you want to search.
  9. This app also allows you to block unwanted calls. For this, you need to specify the number which you won’t answer. It will shield up from harassing, and telemarketers call.
  10. The TrueCaller app not only searches cell phone numbers but it also feasible for landline and pre-paid numbers too.
  11. TrueCaller searches number globally. No matter what and where the caller number is located. It can give you the detail of any international number too.

Let’s watch the official video of TrueCaller which explains each and everything about the TrueCaller app very well. Look at the video below to know that How to set up the TrueCaller app.

Benefits and Reasons for Using the TrueCaller app

There are many reasons you can find to uses this service like TrueCaller.

Let me tell you one thing that we are living in the modern era where everyone wants to make you spoil.

No one is on your side except the true friends. Plenty of people considers us as for like we are like killing each other by making misunderstandings.

I have a handful crowd around me, one of my friends told me that someone is harassing her via calling every day.

And that person calling her again and again even after ignoring him but he is still doing shit.

My friend was unfamiliar with that person, and she wants to know his reality that who the hell is this man?

She shared with me then I suggest her to use TrueCaller app for finding his detail so that you can know about him.

If he is unknown to you, then block his call otherwise contact him if you know him.

She was going to the TrueCaller website and signed in then she has entered his number, and after a few seconds, all detail comes outside.

So, this works in this situation generally but it lookup the phone directory where all the contacts are saved will caller picture.

In this way, you can get the caller information by using its CLIP (Caller Line Identification Presentation ) service. Nabbing the telemarketer or harassment is easy.

Your phonebook acts like a thick paper directory where all phone numbers details written so that you can get any of them for calling the person.

And in the same phonebook, the TrueCaller app saves every number whenever someone calls you so that you can grab an unwanted number on the block list.

No doubt, the TrueCaller app is a very useful app till now which can be used to block unwanted calls.

It actually gives us a degree of control that how we can handle this situation by using its service that is marvelous.

One thing is that this app uploads your phone directory to its database which is safe there.

It also allows you to edit further details in that phonebook.

It’s up to you that you do not want your phonebook going into the database if you are not up to anything mischievous.

TrueCaller is a global service which is crucial because many tech-savvy harassers can make the call which looks like a foreigner number and they can easily guess their cell numbers.

The harassers can also play other tricks and use the weird tips for making tens calls to someone.

The TrueCaller app shares original information of unwanted numbers. It empowers us.

Interesting Facts about TrueCaller

Truecaller Number Search

There are some interesting facts about the TrueCaller app which is worth to the popularity of this app. Most of the people used this app frequently. We all use this useful app, and it makes our life easier. This is the main reason that every person loves to use this app for organizing things in compact manners.

  1. True Software Scandinavia AB developed the TrueCaller app.
  2. This software company released the very first version of this app on 12th Dec 2012
  3. Truecaller has been received an $18.8 million from Sequoia Capital for further development and its improvements.
  4. This app is available in more than 35 world languages.
  5. Currently, this app used by more than 10 million users.
  6. Now, this app is available for Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, RIM Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

Final Words!

Did you like “TrueCaller Number Search“?

Hoping that you have liked this article and getting some useful information about TrueCaller Number Search.

I have given all the detail about the TrueCaller Number Search app so that it makes it easier to understand the benefits of this app.

This app makes my life easy and fearless. Now I can block the unwanted calls from my phonebook for not receiving a single call from that irritating caller.

In my point of view, there is no flaw in this app; you can use it for your personal use. It is safe.

Now it’s up to you whether you use it or ignore it. But I would like to ensure you that this is the most trusted app on the play store.

So, you will definitely love this app, use it, and throw away all the unwanted calls from your phone.

Please do not forget to share this article with your contacts and give feedback in the comment section below.

You all can ask any query about this app in the comment section below. I’ll answer you in no minutes. Keep in touch with further useful articles.

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