Facebook Tricks | 7 Best FB Tricks of 2017

Facebook Tricks: Hello, Guys, What’s Up? Once again I’m here to give you some cool and interesting Facebook Tricks.

And I’m damn sure that you are really in need to use such tricks to impress your companies that how smarter you are?

As we all are using Facebook which is the most popular social media website who got the attention of all age group.

Actually, this is the main victory of this site that brings each and everything for youth that becomes a need of this nation.

Alas! We forgot everything behind this social media website which is so attractive and powerful who gains the attention all living people.

It gradually increased day by day with new features and amendments which are catchy and have powerful to gain the attention of all youth.

Facebook Tricks

This article is based on the new FB tricks that can change the way using Facebook and you will get inspired by using such  facebook tricks.

So, stay tuned till the end of this article so that you can get new ideas to use Facebook in a very new way. Here we go,

1. Recover Deleted Photos, Videos, and Messages

We use Facebook to share videos, photos and do messaging all the time for free. These are the assets of our memories which are used to be remembered in the bad times but when we lost these things we feel lost.

But you don’t need to worry because Nothing is Lost if you delete something from your Facebook account, it still exists. You can get it back. I’m going to tell you one of the best Facebook Tricks.

Follow these steps to recover your deleted chat, photos and videos.

1. First off, log into your Facebook account.

2. Go to the General Account Settings

3. There you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data option, just click on it.

4. Your click will redirect to you another page where you will see a Download Archive button. Click on it and pop up window will appear which will ask your password to continue.

5. Enter your Facebook Password there and click on Submit.

6. Now on the very next screen, the downloaded link will be sent to your Email ID which is used to create the Facebook account in starting.

7. Now check your Email where Facebook has sent to you link. Just download it.

8. Unzip the Downloaded file and check each folder where you will find the messages, videos, friend list, and audio as well with time and date.

The downloaded file will be in .html format. You need to double tap this file and open it up in your default browser. Now you are able to see all the data clearly.

This guide may help you out regarding this matter. If you liked this trick then don’t forget to share this trick with your friends as Sharing is Caring.

2. Prevent FB Accounts from Being Hacked

Facebook is a powerful social media site which needs security. Although, Facebook itself improves security day by day and increased its features gradually.

But Facebook can’t secure you from scammers and not to stop evil games with Facebook users. So, in this matter, you need to secure your account from such scammers.

Here I’m going to tell you some important tips which need to be followed in order to rescue your account.

1. First off, Add your Phone Number to your Facebook account and set the privacy to Only me. This is because if someone trying to access your account then you will receive a message immediately that unknown user is trying to get your account illegally.

2. Secondly, Add Security Question to get back your Facebook account if you lost your account. Choose questions whose answers know only by you and trying to add Unique answers. Just keep remembering questions and answers as well.

3. Thirdly, Add Known People that means add only those people who know you personally because if your Facebook account got in trouble and you trying to get back then Facebook asks you to identify your friends. What if you don’t know those faces then what will you do for retrieving your account? Be Careful when adding someone in your friend’s list.

4. Fourthly, Turn on the Notification so whenever you log into your account, you will receive a mail from Facebook with browsing, date and time information.

5. Fifth, Change your Password Frequently as your ToothBrush that means it is really important to change the password so that you can keep your account secure.

These are the very basic tips to secure your FB Account from being Hacked. You must consider it if you are eagerly wanted to rescue your account at any cost.

3. Identify Fake Facebook Account

Facebook is full of fake and real people but on and average most of the profiles are created by the fake users nowadays.

It becomes a trend to increase friends and followers people used to create fake accounts with a fake name even they change the gender. It seems hilarious but it’s true. 😀

Let me tell you some tips to identify the fake accounts.

1. Profile Picture

First off, check the profile of account and use Reverse Image Search to find out the similar pictures on the Internet. For this, you need to download the suspicious account profile picture to your PC.

Now go to the Google Images and search by Image. Click on Upload an Image, upload it, then google will show you the similar pictures on the Internet.

2. Timeline

Your Timeline says everything about your personality. Go through the suspicious profile, as most of the fake profiles have Female as the gender that doesn’t mean all the FB Accounts with Female gender are fake.

There are many things which need to be observed such as mostly fake accounts don’t bother to read comments and reply to real friends do so.

Now check the About section if you don’t find any information about this profile that means it’s Fake account. Stay away from such Fake People.

3. Birth Date

You need to Wait for 1st January to check the fake accounts because most of the Fake Accounts used to set Date of Birth as 1st of January.

On the 1st of January Facebook will show you the Birthday Notification if you received more than 20 birthday notification that means you’re having plenty of Fake FB accounts on your friend’s list.

4. Girls Profile

Nowadays, most of the fake users create FB Account in the name of Girl with a Sexy Profile Picture. You may find cell number in the public. Probably, such profiles containing numbers of Followers and Friends.

These are the very basic tips to identify the Fake Profile on the Facebook. You should keep bird’s eye view around you to ban Fake profiles from your real account.

4. Facebook blank Status?

Some people always trying to do different things on the Facebook in order to impress their friends.

This is one of the tricks which can be used for this purpose. Just Type @[0:0: ] in status box and hit enter to post it on your Timeline.

People will ask you that how you did this? Share it with them.

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5. Create Fake Facebook conversation

Sometimes, people want to prank their surrounding people by talking with personalities so that they impressed by you.

This happens when you are mad at someone who is the greatest personality of the current society and you are eagerly wanted to make conversation with them.

So, you can use this site to create a Fake Facebook conversation with any of your favorite personality. Click Here for creating Fake conversation.

6. Make Money with Facebook

If you have a fan page with a huge amount of followers and they regularly visit your page then there is a good news for you.

You can make money with your fan page, you just need to follow this guide for making money online with your FB Account. Here we go,

1. Go to this site “viral9” and sign up by entering your correct Email address.

2. Now, heck your email Inbox where you have received a verification Email. Verify it

3. After verifying your Email address you will see this below form.

4. Now fill your original “Personal Information” and traffic information as well.

5. After filling your “Traffic Information”, now you need to fill Payment Information in the next step where you will receive the payment.

6. Now click on “I have read and agree terms & condition” and Submit. You have to wait for the activation of the viral9 account.

When your account will activate then you are able to use this account for making money online.

7. Accept all Friends Request

When you got enough friends request then you don’t like to accept or reject it one by one. They need the shortcut to sort out this problem.

So, if you have plenty of pending friends requests and you want to accept or reject then there is a super easy method.

You just need to download and install Puffin browser in your PC so that you can avail this feature.

Over to You!

Did you like Facebook Tricks?

I hope you are not disappointed by stopping by here because I have tried a lot to sort out the very cool and best Facebook Tricks for all of you so that you may able to use it effectively.

These tricks are the most used tricks worldwide and most of the people feel cool while applying such tricks on Facebook.

You all are precious for us so that’s why we take care of you regarding Facebook that is the most powerful social media tool these days.

You have to use these tricks for once so that you feel life easier and more comfortable.

We will be grateful to you if you will share this useful Facebook Tricks with your companions and family members.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding latest Tips and Tricks about the most used things. Stay Blessed!!

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