Top 10 Best Android Cleaner Apps (2017 Edition)

Best Android Cleaner Apps: Our Smartphone is our life, and we can’t survive a day without it. From the morning till the night, it’s a vital part of our daily routine.  We almost browse the internet all day long on our smartphone and our smartphones loaded with latest apps.

We abuse our phone 24/7 but forgets to pay attention to its health. Yes, right guys, just like us, our phone also gets sick, if it’s not taken care of properly and overused repeatedly. You might sometimes observe that the speed of your smartphone reduces automatically and it still won’t improve after deleting apps from it. It’s because the real problem is in the memory of inside your phone, which is overloaded with junk files and has occupied the vast space under the memory of smartphone. This eventually reduces the life and creates the issue of viruses in smartphones.

10 Best Android Cleaner Apps of 2017

So to solve this issue and make your smartphone healthy, you need cleaner apps that will remove all the junk from your smartphone and make it clean. Today we will discuss the Best Android Cleaner Apps to clean the cache memory of the phone. These apps are very helpful, as they automatically delete all the unwanted files from your phone and refresh it from time to time. So let’s just find out the features and qualities possessed by the top Android cleaner apps available on the Google play store.

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Here we have shortlisted the Best Android Cleaner Apps for you to make accurate decision;

1. Clean Master

Clean Master

This is the best rated cleaner app of the Google play store called as “Clean Master.” It is a simple and yet very powerful cleaning app for any Android device. This app provides dual functions to smartphone users, Clean Master not only cleans the junk files from a smartphone it also helps in boosting the performance of your device. This is a very cool feature of this app, and it’s available for free in the Google play store.

Other Cool elements of Clean Master;

  1. This app can clean cache, residual files, history and other junk files which are left even after uninstalling that particular app.
  2. The clean master app is also a memory booster and enhances the performance of your Android device.
  3. The design of this app is very attractive, and its user interface is very simple to use, even after which it still doesn’t consume much battery, as compared to other similar apps.

All in all, the Clean Master app is an excellent option for every user, which is the reason why it stands on the top position of my “Top 10 best Cleaner apps” list and you won’t regret installing it. To download this app click here.

2. App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner

As the name suggests, the App Cache Cleaner is used to clean the cache memory of the Android device. Cache files are stored on the phone by the apps to load content fast, but these data expired after some time and piled up in the memory, as junk.This app cleans the whole cache memory within a click of your finger.

Beneficial features of App Cache Cleaner;

  1. The numerous functions are provided by this app, such as you can sort the applications based on the junk filesize which will help you decide the apps that are sucking your device storage.
  2. The app gives you an alert when the cache memory is full, and you can easily clean it.
  3. If you download lots of data from the internet on a regular basis and uses different apps on your device, then this is very useful for you. Click here to download this app.

3. 1 Tap Cleaner

1 Tap Cleaner

This app solves all your problems with one tap. The 1 Tap Cleaner is a very simple app which allows you to clean all junk with one single magic tap of a finger. The interface of the app is simple, yet user-friendly, and it’s easy to operate.

Highlights of 1 Tap Cleaner;

  1. The app has four cleaners in it, Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner which helps in creating space in the device.
  2. 1 Tap Cleaner has a feature to clean default apps also, so now no need to go to the App management in Android settings for clearing cache of the system app.

The app is best for lazy hacks like me and cleans the cache memory after regular intervals. No need to manually clean. Click here to download this app.

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4. Cleaner eXtreme

Cleaner eXtreme

This is a great app, which cleans your whole device properly, but never touches the system files. The app protects the system files and saves them from any kind of tampering. The app suitable for daily use and its dark theme protects the eyes from the strong light of the app.

Characteristics of the Cleaner eXtreme

  1. The automatic clean feature is available in the app, but to use it you required to have the Pro version of the app.
  2. This app clears all the present junk data of your device in one tap; you just need to select data which you want to remove from the device.

This is a cool app with some dark theme to provide strong visual effects and its normal cleaner app of using. Click here to download this app.

5. Root Cleaner

Root Cleaner

The app provides facility to clean the whole system deeply. The totally justifies its name and clean the device from the root. This app requires Root permissions on your device to deep clean it,  but it is entirely worth it. To utilize this app, you have to pay $4.41 from your pocket.

Functions of this app

  1. The app offers two cleaning modes- Quick clean and Full clean. Both can be utilized separately.
  2. It cleans the cache of all the apps which consume the storage capacity of the device.

If you want to clean your device till its root, then it’s no harm in investing this app. Click here to download this app.

6. Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner

The over consumption of the battery is an issue faced by the most of the cleaner apps, but this can be easily solved by Systweak Android Cleaner, as it saves 50{1f53e8448d6a57dc0342e3e42b759217fa3b1c51cc57404937ab96330f03e3ef} battery in the device. The app boosts the performance and battery life of the device.

The features

  1. The 1-Tap feature stops running services in the background to release RAM & increase the overall performance of the device with just a tap.
  2. The duplicate file and explorer feature of the app allows deleting duplicate files and copied files from the system.

The app contains a cool battery saving plus numerous other functions, so it’s good to download it. Click here to download this app.

7. CCleaner


It is a very used app which cleans junk from your phone effectively. The app cleans web history, call logs and other unwanted files from the system easily. It helps in removing clutter files from the .

Bold points of CCleaner

  1. The app uninstalls the unwanted applications and makes free space for necessary files.
  2. The app has a user-friendly interface, and it can be useful to avoid the pest in go fun wanted ads.

It’s a regular cleaning app with same features as others. There is nothing special about the app. Click here to download this app.

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8. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

The power pack app with numerous benefits. The app cleans the memory, improves the speed of the device, saves the battery life and boost the performance of apps. The one app has all the features, that one can wish for.

Cool Features of app

  1. The app cleans memory and creates space by removing clutter files.
  2. It also offers antivirus protection to the device.
  3. It boosts the connectivity of devices and increases the battery life by 20{1f53e8448d6a57dc0342e3e42b759217fa3b1c51cc57404937ab96330f03e3ef}.

It’s an excellent app that gives you all features of a cleaner app at one place. Click here to download this app.

9. The Cleaner – Speed up & cleaner

The Cleaner

The app offers both speed and cleaning facility to the Android device. This app helps in increasing the speed of gaming apps and other apps. The app has a user-friendly interface to attract users.

Speeding features of app

  1. The app provides the security of the device through an app lock system which is very solid.
  2. The app requires very less storage space in the device.
  3. The user can use customized themes and set scheduler for automatic cleaning.

It’s a good app if you want to enhance the speed of your device and safety features are very nice. So it’s worth trying. Click here to download this app.

10. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer

The app provides facility to clean the app, as well as to optimize the performance of the device. The app works both ways, as it cleans the system to make it clutter-free and on the other hand enhances the performance also.

Magnetic features of Droid Optimizer

  1. The app empties the system, applications cache, and terminates background apps automatically.
  2. The app automatically cleans the system and deletes the large files quickly.
  3. It enhances the battery life of the device and increases the charging capacity also.

The app is good in optimizing the files and deleting big files. Click here to download this app.

Over to You!

So, friends, these are top ten Best Android Cleaner Apps to make your smartphone or tablet healthy again. Now it’s up to you which app you choose and which app suits you the most. So go and download the cleaner app now to improve the speed of your phone.

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