10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android that Really Works (2017)

Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android – Chances of getting WiFi networks are very high when you’re at malls or other high standard places. We all know that those WiFi connections are really great in terms of downloading and surfing speed. We want to use them but can’t because of the secure passwords. But, do you know, we can use those WiFi networks? Yes, I’m not lying. You can connect your phone to those WiFi networks even if your phone is not rooted. But the question is how? Okay, let me tell you. You can connect to those networks by using these best WiFi hacking apps for Android which are given below.

However, Android smartphones are not powerful as Windows PC is but don’t underestimate the power of Android OS. :p Because you can do several tasks playing with your Android phones, but you have to be a techie person. 😉 As I’m today here to introduce 10 best WiFi hacking apps for Android so without boring you I would like to list them below.

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10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

Using these WiFi hacking apps on your Android phone, you can hack maximum WiFi but please don’t use these apps for an illegal purpose. Please note that I’m sharing these apps just for the information purpose because we don’t know about our future and these apps could be helpful at the time of trouble and if we don’t have any internet connection on our phone. Let’s scroll down and select any one app from the below list of best WiFi hacking apps for Android.

Here we go;


Nowadays, people used this app for WiFi hacking, but it was usually used for WiFi vulnerability. If you have installed this app on your Android Phone and launched this app, then it shows you a green tab for applying a random PIN that can be used as a password. How can you use this app? You just need to root your Android phone so that you can hack wifi password. I would like to recommend you that not to use this app for WiFi Hacking because this app is just for finding network vulnerability.



2. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is a hacking app which is working on rooted smartphones. This is the most powerful app that can disable the internet connection on the same wifi network. It can easily hack the password of WPS secured wifi. The best part of this app is it is working with all type routers.

WPS ConnectWhy are you waiting now? Go and download this app and do the search for wifi signal. You can also view the saved password from this app and use it for using free wifi network on your smartphone.


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3. Wi-FI Kill

WiFi Kill name itself shows its quality that why people use this app for what purpose. This is the most popular open source ethical hacking application for Android users. Typically, this app is used for cutting off someone’s WiFi over your network directly without asking WiFi password from that person. It is the most useful app for that WiFi which is not protected by a secure password. You just need to few clicks on your smartphone to cut off the WiFi of the intruder. It is easy to use the app and its interface so attractive.

wifikill apk

By using this app, you can also check the downloading and browsing in your WiFi network easily.


4. Zanti

Zanti WiFi hacking app has many downloads and excellent rating which is developed by Zimperium. In true means, this app is used for security assessment and wifi network penetration. But nowadays, many of its users use this app for performing hacking of wifi network and do some illegal activities. If you are connected to the same wifi network which wifi is also connected with many people, then you can control their smartphones and tablet devices.


Besides, you can use this app for pranking your friends by redirecting particular URL and uploading images to his/her screen.


5. Wi-Fi You

Wi-Fi You is one of the powerful hacking apps which usually collects millions of wifi password that shared by its users worldwide. After collecting wifi passwords, it stores and distributes from cloud server for you so that you all can use and enjoy free wifi network. This app helps you to find out all available wifi networks around you automatically. You can connect with the free WiFi network by just one click. Enjoy free WiFi.

Wi-Fi You


6. Wi-Fi Inspect

WiFi Inspect is not a hacking tool but the app of a security audit. It is a multi-tool intended for advanced users and Computer Security professionals that wish to monitor the networks they have permission, or they have own. Bu using this app, you can monitor all connected devices easily that what activities they are performing by using this wifi.

Wi-Fi Inspect


7. Fing Network Tools

A Fing Networks Tools app is a network discovery tool that is used to find how many devices and users are currently connected to your WiFi router. This app also offers several networking utilities such as DNS Lockup, trace route, and Ping which are used for analyzing and troubleshooting connection issues. It is also able to check your device’s vendor name and MAC Address.

Wi-Fi Inspect


8. Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is an online and offline free app of over 500,000 hotspot location in more than 141 countries where this app provides free service. But this app relies on the users that if they are submitting their local hotspot locations to a wifi finder server. So, it means wifi finder totally relies on the users that they have submitted their location to its server so that anyone can find wifi through this app. It can view get directions, wifi hotspot details, call location, and share the hotspot. You can filter the result by location, the type such as cafe, hotels, and other public places. This app scans wifi hotspot around you so that you can hack wifi easily.

Wi-Fi Finder

Note: You can’t find wifi with any router. So, you have to hack only WPS, and WPA secured wifi network around you.


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9. Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer is one of the best hacking apps which allows you to change websites on other people’s PCs from an Android phone. You just need to log into this app after downloading it and choose a spoof to use and press start for enjoying spoofing. It is super easy to hack particular wifi network with your Android smartphone, but this app is not exactly a penetration testing tool at all.

Network Spoofer


10. Nmap for Android

Nmap stands for Network map which is one of the most popular names in network mapping. This is the most powerful tool and whole networking industry, so they also developed an app called Nmap for Android users which is working on both rooted and unrooted smartphones. Mapping means it keeps all the record by mapping that who is connected to your wifi network and who is trying to connect. Basically, this app is used by network professionals who perform network exploration to find out the wifi networks.

Nmap for Android

This app scans the whole network including users and details of hosts, ports, network protocol ho are connected to wifi network.


Over to You!

So, this is the list of best WiFi hacking apps for Android. If you know any other app which can perform this task, please let us know by using below comment box. We hope you will like this article as well as apps too. We’re doing daily efforts to provide you best and top-notch quality best apps for Android, and in future, we will regularly update this blog. So, keep coming and reading our daily updated fresh articles. Stay Blessed!

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