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Best Proxy Sites

If you are a researcher or even a school, college or university student, then you need such proxy sites for completing your tasks.

You need it badly because your ISP Provider blocks some sites.

If you are a student and you want to use institutes internet but failed to access some sites, then you need a proxy site for fulfilling required sites.

What Are Proxy Sites?

Proxy Sites List

Proxy means privacy, hidden your original detail from someone so that you can get access privately.

Proxy sites are used for getting access to the blocked site over the Internet which you can’t use directly because your ISP Provider blocks you.

By using such sites, you can use those sites easily which is blocked on your IP address, and you are eagerly want to use them. Now it’s possible with proxy sites.

You just need to open any proxy site so that you can put the required site URL there in order to access it.

Why Not VPN?

VPN which is the short form of Virtual Private Network used for opening blocked sites on your PC.

VPNs are paid sites; you need to buy them for using them effectively.

These servers are mostly used for the same purpose but with paid versions. You can use the trial version of it, but for a small time, then you compelled to move its pro version.

There is a still problem with VPNs; you can’t access Twitter and Facebook by using VPN because such site blocks some sites.

Well, if you can afford VPNs site then you should go for it.

List Of Best Proxy Sites 2019

Proxy Sites List

Finally, I’m again in here with a fantastic list of best proxy sites across the globe. This is the greatest collection which can be useful for all of you.

Go and grab it. Here we go,


Proxy Sites List

Do you want a professional service? Are you willing to pay?

If Yes, then this site is just for you if you are looking for the best proxy server.

You should go for it. Go to this site; you will see that they are willing to give you three days trial just for the satisfaction of the users.

If you are satisfied with this best proxy site, then you may able to go for its pro version. has major three types of services, namely Switchproxy (professional use, support multiple systems at a time), Proxify pro (commercial use), and Proxify basic (personal use).

You can choose one of them as per your pocket and need.


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Proxy Sites ListSo, there is yet another best free proxy site with a minimal design.

As every website knows your IP Address that is the ID of your computer so you can’t access sites which are blocked by your administration.

The website name itself says New IP Now that means you can access blocked sites by using new IP Address which is provided by this site.

You can use its public IP Address for getting access to blocked sites anonymously.

It will graphically change your location and secure your identity with URL encryption scheme.

All the above-mentioned things are in the free version, but you buy the subscription to this site monthly in just $5 which is nothing.

If you are interested in getting private access for a fixed sum, then you do not need to worry because they also provide this.



Proxy Sites List

4everyproxy is a free proxy site which provides a list of its partner sites further.

All the partner sites are safe and easy to use so that you can use these sites safely for your basic purpose.

4everyproxy is the most popular site among all the best proxy sites which is free forever as its name also depicts it is free forever.

Though it’s free and you can use it safely still there are numbers of ads which bothered me. Ads are annoying.

Ads cause some trouble which is also taking part to become site unresponsive.

Well, there is another option which can be used for the betterment of this site result. Use AdBlocker extension in your browser and use this site safely without troubles.



Proxy Sites List

There is another free proxy site which can unblock all websites which are blocked on your system by your IP providers.

Unblock my web is one of the best proxy sites on the internet. This site is famous for unblocking the YouTube site. I had personally used this site many times.

This site is not only for unblocking YouTube, but numbers of the site can be opened via this website which is free to use.

Unblock my web speed is good but the crap thing is advertisements on this site.

So, I would like to recommend you to use Ad Blocker for using this site otherwise you will suffer the worst experience as I have suffered at the very first time when I use this site first time.

Use this site for unblocking many sites for free. It’s easy to use and safe.



Proxy Sites List

Here is another free proxy site, called with many features.

You can unblock any site for free anonymously by using this best proxy site.

No doubt, it is one of the fastest proxy servers among other free proxy sites, but it still has a disadvantage.

You can not access https sites means secured sites in its free plan.

If you want to access secured sites anonymously with this site, then you need to subscribe to their VIP membership.

With VIP membership, you are not only access secured sites, but the speed of this site will go fast and safe.



Proxy Sites List

I have got another online tool that is a free proxy site which is very straightforward and minimal User Interface.

By using this site, you can access any website which is blocked by your country or your ISP provider.

On every page of this site, you will find numbers of ads which can be prevented by using an ad blocker extension in your browser.

No doubt, the owner of this site has done a great job by giving this site for free.

They also have given the traditional options like if the page should be encrypted or if scripts should be removed.

It’s damn good website which I have ever used.

Use this site for getting access your required sites. Hope you will love this site.



Proxy Sites List

The is another the best proxy site on the Internet which is entirely free to access any website.

The User Interface of this site is really impressive and responsive as well.

Proxy site is usually for accessing famous unblocked sites like the YouTube and Facebook.

This site provides us with a broad range of proxy servers from the Europe and US.

These servers would be just for the users if one of the servers didn’t work then another server will take part.

Another advantage of using this site is no pop-up and advertisements.

Moreover, they even give us the options to edit the user agent and to manage cookies.

Even you can browse this site by using cell phones.


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Proxy Sites ListFilter is one of the best proxy sites which is used from all over the world.

It is a tremendously impressive website, easy to use, and completely free for using anonymous internet sites.

Filter bypass internet filter and allows the people to access any site which is blocked at your end.

When you open this site, you will find the URL box where you can enter the URL of any site which you want to get access.

We have another option like cookies that should be allowed and Javascript.

When you put the URL in the URL box, then you have to click on the “surf” button. Then that button redirects you another site which you have added URL.

Filter bypass.Me doesn’t have much more ads and no pop-ups ads.

This site can fulfill your all needs; you will love this site.



Proxy Sites List is yet another best proxy site which is free to get access to any website and free from irritating ads.

This is one of the best proxy sites which are free from crap ads and no limits in speed among all other sites who have same things.

It can be a good choice if you are looking for the best and free proxy server with no ads and super speed.

Grab this site and use it to get access anonymously from every website on the Internet.



Proxy Sites List

It’s a USA Proxy site as the name itself depicts that this site is using a USA server.

Fast USA Proxy site has a good speed and a responsive website which is considered as the best proxy tool.

There are many ads, but they can be bearable because it doesn’t affect the user experience.

By using this site, you can access any site anonymously which is blocked by your institute or internet service provider.

You have to bookmark this proxy site for using in the future.


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Proxy Sites List 2019

Here is the list of best proxy sites list 2019;

Sr. No.Proxy Sites ListProxy Sites URL
2New IP Now
34ever proxy
4Unblock My Web
6Don't filter
7Proxy Site
8Filter By Pass
10Fast USA Proxy

Best Proxy Server List 2019

Sr. No.Proxy Server ListProxy Server URL
1Hide My Ass
2Hide Me
3KTunnel Proxy
5Ultra Surf
6US Web Proxy
8Blew Pass
10Hide My IP

Best Proxy Sites List To Access Blocked Websites

  1. Unblock youtube at school
  2. Proxy 2014 –
  3. Saoudi proxy
  4. Zfreez
  5. Quickproxy –
  6. Push Proxy –
  7. Private Surf –
  8. Sporium –
  9. Fast USA Proxy –
  10. Can’t block this –
  11. New IP Now –
  12. Anonymouse –
  13. Hide the internet –
  14. Hidden Digital Info –
  15. Anony Mizer – (14 days free trial)
  16. K Proxy –
  17. Hide me proxy-
  18. Sokal online proxy site-
  19. Map toy –
  20. Listmmo –
  21. Anonymousrus proxy sites –
  22. Ninjafy –
  23. Draw Forum –
  24. Firoxy proxy sites-
  25. Bag Bone –
  26. Hide My Trax Proxy –
  27. Proxy One –
  28. Saoudi Proxy –
  29. Proxy Internet –
  30. Ninja Cloak –
  31. Proxyo –
  32. Quick Proxy sites –
  33. DeFilter –
  34. Free Proxy Server –
  35. Free You Proxy Tube –
  36. Hide Me Ass –
  37. Remove Filters –
  38. UK – Proxy –
  39. Surf Help –
  40. PK Proxy –
  41. America Proxy –
  42. Korea Proxy –
  43. Wing proxy sites
  44. Ultimate access proxy sites–
  45. Filerless –
  46. The unstoppable –
  47. Dine Forum proxy sites –
  48. BestSchool –
  49. Best Proxy sites list 2017-
  50. Poll proxy –

Free Proxy Sites List 2019

  1. Zalmos Web Proxy –
  2. Surf Proxy –
  3. FB Proxies –
  4. VPN Browse –
  5. The Best Proxy –
  6. Proxy 2014 –
  7. Extreme Proxy sites–
  8. Hide The Internet –
  9. Crazy Proxy –
  10. Prox Me Call Me Names –
  11. Change IP & Country –
  12. VTunnel –
  13. Jezus Loves this proxy
  14. Pro unblock –
  15. Rapid Proxy –
  16. New IP now –
  17. Hidester
  19. HideMyAss:
  20. kProxy
  21. Proxay –
  22. View Youtube –
  23. Mega Proxy –
  24. Greatest Free Proxy sites –
  25. Fish Proxy –
  26. ECXS –
  27. Web Proxy Free –
  28. World Cup Proxy –
  29. Monster Proxy –
  30. See Proxy –
  31. Canada Proxy –
  32. Sporium –
  33. Ca Proxies –
  34. Proxy 2015 –
  35. Poof proxy –
  36. Surflist proxy sites
  37. IP less Prox sites –
  38. Surf Land Proxy sites-
  40. Suede Proxy –
  41. Stardoll Proxy –
  42. IP Switcher –
  43. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  44. Proxy Browse –
  45. Just Proxy –
  46. Fast School Proxy –
  47. hi5 proxy –
  49. Brazil Proxy –
  50. King Surf Proxy –

Best Free Proxy Servers List To Unblock Websites

  1. Proxy site –
  2. Web Blind-
  3. Estiloretro-
  4. See The Net-
  5. See The Space-
  6. 4urbrowsing-
  7. Aproxies-
  8. Cloaknet-
  9. The Unblockable-
  10. Brazilproxy-
  11. Browse Free-
  12. Browse Prince-
  13. Awintheam-
  14. Everyprox-
  15. Unblock My Internet-
  16. Rent Proxy-
  17. Unlimited Browsing-
  18. Toms My Space-
  19. My Space IP Change-
  20. Blockednet-
  21. Poof Proxy-
  22. High School Explorer-
  23. Proxysky-
  24. Seethenet-
  25. View The Mall-
  26. Unblocker Lite-
  27. Dawon-
  28. Cdbplc-
  29. Unblock Mysurf-
  30. Monkeyfunky-
  31. Internet Unlocked-
  32. Laproxy-

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