9 Best Free Video Calling Apps For Android Smartphones [2017]

Last Updated: April 16, 2017

After the introduction of 3G and 4G technology in the 21st century, video call became the mainstream the mainstream now, and you’re here to know about best free video calling apps for Android phones, Right?

Video call is now one of the most popular and convenient ways to communicate with anyone with an Android device using free video calling apps for android.

Just with few clicks on your android smartphone you can make a video call and see your friends and family on your screen easily.

You will need some best free video calling apps for android.

Technology is getting million times better than before.

Now we don’t need wired telephones to make phone calls; you can also try these Best voice calling apps for Android and make free phone calls over just an internet connection.

Video calls is not an old service.

It is available for ages, but here you will find the best video calling apps for android.

There are many apps for other apps like Apple’s popular FaceTime and many others.

But they do nothing more than the video call.

With a 3G/4G device or if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network you can make video calls quickly to anyone around the world.

You will need some best free video calling apps for android to make video calls and you will need a really fast internet connection to use video calling feature.

If you are on 2G or a slower Wi-Fi network or a high ping network, you may face some consequences while making video calls.

There is nothing better than making video calls to your loved ones if you are missing them.

Try this video calling apps for android.

I have written detailed information on each of them also I have tried to give my personal review on each app.

Before you download best free video calling apps for android

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So, here is everything about best video calling apps for android.

All of the apps mentioned in the list of best free video calling apps for Android are free to download, but some of them have in-app purchases which are not required.

You can still buy them if you require them.

You have to register first with your mobile number or email address following by your password to start using these apps and make free video calls.

Users can download all these apps from the links given in the description of all apps; the links will redirect you to Google Play Store.

Read this post till the end.

List of Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android 2017

Read the complete review about best video calling apps for Android and get download links to all of them right here.

1. Skype


There is no doubt that Skype is considered the best free video calling app for android.

Not only for Android, but it is also the best on all the platforms where you can make video calls.

Skype is the most famous for making video calls to your contacts.

You can use both rear and front facing camera for free.

You can make free video calls to all Skype users.

Not only video calls, you can send test messages, and also you can make voice calls to any number with their Skype credits.

You can send any sized pictures, videos, and files for free to any Skype user.

I would really up-vote this app for video calling apps, and I would keep this app in the first position in the list of best free video calling apps for android.

2. WhatsApp


Whatsapp is not really famous when it comes to video call.

It is more famous for text messages and voice calls.

It is one of the best feature of Whatsapp that you can make unlimited free video calls to anyone.

Whatsapp is the easiest app for other free video calling apps for android.

You just have to install, enter your phone number and it will verify OTP, and you are ready to roll.

You can send unlimited texts messages.

Also, you can make unlimited voice calls and video calls to all of your contacts who use Whatsapp.

The user interface of this app is really light and easy to use.

The calling interface of this app is similar to Duo.

You can also switch to back camera with just one click.

I would really upvote this app especially for ordinary people who don’t want any heavy interface or large apps.

You can also continue your chats.

The quality of the video will vary a lot depending on your internet connection.

On a secure Wi-Fi network, the video quality is seamless.

If you are on mobile data, you may face some audio drops and mosaic while watching your called person video.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free



The line has around 400 million users around the world.

It is available for all major platforms, but it performs best on Android devices.

The app developed video calling facility, and you can chat face to face with all your contacts.

You will need an active Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G network to make free video calls.

The best feature of this app is that you can switch it to voice to video and vice versa just with a click on your android device screen.

There are some other excellent features like shake it together to add as a friend also you can share your ID with your QR code, making an ease to communicate.

There are also some funny and exciting stickers which you can use to send them to your friends and have fun.

The user interface of this is best among all other apps also it is easy to use.

The app eats a lot of data; hence you will need a good internet connection to make video calls.

Using a lot of data but it promises quality.

The quality of video and voice while a video call is better than other apps.

I would recommend this app to you if you don’t have any internet issues.

You will face issues if your internet connection is not okay.

LINE: Gratis-Anrufe
LINE: Gratis-Anrufe

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4. OoVoo


OoVoo is also a good app to make video calls to your friends and other people.

This app promises to give good quality audio and video on all the main platforms even on your computer.

Similar to other apps this app allows you to make free voice calls and send text messages for free just with an active internet connection.

You can also integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts and chat with them on social networks.

The main feature of this app is that it allows you to make a group video call with up to 12 contacts.

This is one of the best features of this app, if you are planning for outings with your squad then use this app for ease.

You can add five best friends on your apps speed dial to get in touch with them instantly.

Also, you can keep some video status if you want.

Another great feature of this app is that you can keep active filters while making a video call.

This feature is very useful in low light conditions and even it will make your video better when you are outside.

This feature is excellent according to me, as it still lacks in best free video calling apps for android.

The filters are neat and colorful also you can use them to record videos.

OoVoo is a great app for new users who are making video calls the first time.

There are some other useful features which I want you to try and comment below.

5. Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

The official is messaging by Yahoo which is launched for Android.

This is the best choice for you if your friends and your contacts are using yahoo mail.

The quality of video calls is exquisite, and it is entirely free.

You can make free voice calls too just like the other apps.

You can also make international phone calls at cheapest rates across other apps in this category.

Users can also chat with your Facebook friends with this app also you can send them photos, videos and unlimited text messages for free.

The app is really worth to be kept in the list of best free video calling apps for android.

Also, you can send free international SMS to your friends.

Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

6. Tango


Tango is a fast growing and one of the best apps for free video calling apps for android.

The provide many things more than free video calls.

You can get the best quality of video calls just in this app.

There is no need of a sign in for this app it is easy to use it, and it is a better way to communicate with your friends.

Tango is a social media-centric platform where you can send personalized text messages also you can share photos and animations.

This app is also available for all the key platforms.

Another cool feature about this app is that you can play small games while making a call.

So it is pretty easy to pass the time.

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts
Developer: Tango
Price: Free+

7. Messenger by Facebook


Messenger is a great app for sending text messages also it is a great app for video and voice calls.

This app is better than others because you can really get that quality even in common speed internet connection.

This app is famous for ages, and it is entirely free with no in-app purchases.

You can find almost all friends on Facebook, and most of them are connected to the messenger.

This app is easy to use.

Just install this app and sign in with your Facebook account and then make calls to anyone, anywhere in the world.

You can also make free voice calls with the messenger.

Hence I include it in the list of best video calling apps for android.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

8. Viber


Viber is not much famous as other apps, but it is feature loaded app.

You can make unlimited free video calls with your friends.

This app is well designed, and the quality of video calls is magnificent.

The app eats a lot of data, and the video call quality is not bad to have complained.

The user interface of this app is splendid, and there are some amusing and cute stickers which you can send to all your friends.

The app is completely free also it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

This is the last app which I would include in the list of best free video calling apps for android.

Viber Messenger
Viber Messenger

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9. IMO


IMO is also a highly rated Android app which is to be included in the list of best free video calling apps for android.

It has 4.3 Ratings on Play Store, and it promises quality video and voice calls.

The good feature of this app is the encrypted calls.

You can make free voice calls to all users using IMO, and you can also create group chats for this.

There are more than 200 million users of IMO.

The app is easy to use, and the user interface is friendly, and it is not too much hard to operate it.

The quality of both voice and video calls is good, but it eats a right amount of data.

imo kostenlose Videoanrufe
imo kostenlose Videoanrufe
Developer: imo.im
Price: Free+

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