6 Best Gaming Accessories for Smartphones

When it comes to mobile gaming, you won’t find a bigger market of players than India’s. Indeed, the latest Next-Gen Mobile Consumer states that the country’s mobile gaming market has even increased as a result of this year’s health crisis, with gamers significantly increasing their playtime. The average Indian now plays mobile games for four hours every session.

Here is the list of best gaming accessories for smartphones:

Best Gaming Accessories For Smartphones

If you’re going to play that long, then you’re going to want smartphone accessories that can boost your mobile gaming experience. From handy controllers to noise-canceling earphones, here are the best accessories every mobile gamer should consider buying.

#1. Backbone One

The Backbone One is an expendable snap-on controller that’s exclusive to iPhones. It can fit every type of iPhone after 6. are so small that manufacturers don’t need a lot of space to incorporate powerful components, like their power source and CPU. The Backbone One’s tiny but integrated hardware is a great example of a fully utilized PCB. Pressing the orange button on the controller automatically opens the Backbone app. The app compiles all your games into one convenient library. Plus, the software has a pre-installed voice chat feature. If you play a lot of PUBG and other arena games, this is an efficient way to team up.

#2. Razer Raiju Mobile

Android users have more options for controllers than iPhone users. But one of the best accessories available is arguably the Raiju Mobile. This is a premium mobile gaming controller that focuses heavily on features. Indeed, while its hardware isn’t as integrated as Backbone One’s, the Raiju Mobile does have most of the features you’d normally find in a console or PC controller, like half triggers and four multifunction buttons. Razer Raiju Mobile app has a button mapping feature, which you can use to customize controls. This accessory is ideal for online FPS games like Unkilled.

#3. Kingston HyperX Cloud

Whether you need it for voice calls or simply to admire the game’s amazing soundtrack, a pair of reliable earphones will go a long way in improving your mobile gaming experience. The HyperX Cloud earphones are designed for the best audio experience possible. For example, its proprietary shaped silicone ear tips block out all ambient noise. Plus, they’ll never fall off. The HyperX Cloud also features tangle-free wires and a 90-degree angled 3.5 mm jack, allowing users to manage the cables relatively easily. They are the ideal earphones for gamers on the go.

#4. Anker Powercore

Speaking of gaming on the go, mobile gamers will definitely want a sturdy power bank to make sure that they’ll have enough battery to play for hours on end. Thanks to Anker’s VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technology, the Anker Powercore can fully charge most smartphones in under 90 minutes. However, Anker Powercore’s greatest feature is its small size. Usually, 10000mAh power banks weigh around 200g and are built too big to fit in your pocket. But the Anker Powercore is different. It’s roughly 20% lighter than most power banks. Plus, it’s 0.09m tall. It’s so small that it won’t even peek out of your pocket when you’re carrying it.

#5. Newseego Finger Sleeve

Are you tired of your game not responding to your touch commands immediately? It’s probably because your fingers aren’t “grippy” enough. Glass screens, like smartphones, rely on conductivity to detect touch commands. If your hands are sweaty or there’s a layer of oil on your fingers, for example, your smartphone will have a hard time registering your inputs. If this is the case for you, then you might want to consider getting a pair of Newseego finger sleeves. They’re made out of wire fabric, which not only makes them more conductive but also breathable. Its outermost fabric even has anti-oil and non-slip properties to ensure that added grip.

#6. Google Daydream View VR

There are many kinds of games on the mobile market. One of them is virtual reality (VR), and if you want to experience these games on your smartphone, then the Google Daydream View VR is the best option to go for. First, it isn’t as power invasive as normal VR headsets, so your phone’s battery won’t drain immediately. Plus, as long as your device conforms to the minimum specs to run a VR game with (and an Android device), this accessory is compatible with it. The Google Daydream View VR’s soft, stretchy fabric also feels comfortable on your head.

Mobile gaming is a great experience on its own, but it can be made even better with the right accessories. Whether you need a portable battery or a physical controller, there’s a ton of smartphone gaming add-ons that can be found on the market.

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