Top 10 Best Music Players For PC [PC Apps & Software]

Ahh! Looking for best music players for PC? Right?

Okay! If I’m not wrong, then you’re at right place because we came up with the best music players for PC.

Everyone likes music, who don’t?.

Everyone loves listening to them wherever they are, in the office or at home.

All you need is a good music player software available for your computer.

There are many music players available for computers but which one you need?

In this post, you will find the best music players for PC available on the internet, their features, details and all stuff.

This software does more than just playing music; they are provided with great features to enhance your experience.

Read this article till the last line to get complete details, and you will be able to find your needed software.

Now it’s time to find best music players for PC.

So, let’s start. 🙂

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Top 10 Best Music Players for PC [Best Apps & Software 2017]

1. MediaMonkey

This software really looks good at.

First, you have to use it few times to know about all its features; it can play all popular audio media files as well as .mp4 too.

It can download podcasts by itself and track metadata too.

MediaMonkey will keep crawling your library folders to check there is any new update or not, and id there is anything new it will automatically update it in the app to make it super easy for you to play music.

You get all regular options like in playlist, auto metadata tagging in the free version.

The paid version costs around less than 25$ which will add a lot of useful features, like custom collections, auto playlists, and much more.

It is also available for Android OS; it will work fine with Windows 7, 8 and 10 on your desktop.

To download this software click on the title of this software.

2. Clementine

This software is really worth standing in the 2nd position of my list, as it is the most versatile music player and have the cleanest UI around all music players.

You can create and customize your complete music collection just with this software.

This app also works with cloud storage sites like Dropbox and other alternatives; it will automatically add the songs from your storage services and your desktop.

It also supports Streaming and Internet radio from Spotify and Soundcloud too.

It can also download the information like artist name and genre etc.

From the internet, and it can also download album art from sites like

There is also an Android app which will help you to control the software wirelessly.

It is a free software, available for everyone, just click on Clementine title to download it.

3. MusicBee

I think the name is enough to describe its working features.

MusicBee is another one of the tops and best music players for PC.

MusicBee comes with a lot of features, Not only music playback, Musicbee allows you to organize music collection into libraries, you can also import Windows Media and iTunes libraries too.

It will automatically fetch the metadata, and you can also adjust the play modes for various playback environments.

As far I’ve tried music works with all possible formats, and it also has additional plugins features.

The other services are like DSP effects, scrobbling and much more.

It is a free app available from various sources; you can download it from the link given in the title.

4. Foobar2000

Foobar comes with a boring and old school UI which is really minimal.

But this is an advantage for those who have a low specs computer.

It is one of the most customization and extensible feature full music player I’ve ever seen.

You can make changes as much as wanted with the modules like the playlist, equalizer, etc.

It supports all the main audio extensions and also you can add media library folders where you can manage your collection easily, you can monitor them at constant intervals.

It can grab metadata from internet databases, and this software can also read zip and rear extension files.

This software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10 all versions and they are also going to launch the portable app of this software if they reach the targeted crowd fund amount hopefully.

To download this software just go to the link given in the title.

If you have a little specs device, I would personally recommend this to you.

5. aTunes

It is a pleasant experience to use a Tunes because it has a clean UI.

There are no other annoying menus, nor there are any additional options.

You can easily manage media files and can quickly add folders too. The software will automatically organize it.

It looks similar to iTunes in some way but is far better than iTunes.

It supports all the main music files such as MP3, WAV, etc.

It can also detect and remove duplicate tracks from your playlist.

It can also connect with various web based services like, also allows you to listen to internet radio stations.

You can also download podcasts with it.

It is available for Windows, Linux and as well as on Mac OS X.To download this free software just clicks on the link given in title to start your download process.

To download this free software just click on the link provided in title to start your download process.

6. Audacious

If you need something light weight and no extra senseless things while playing music, this is the best option for you.

It has a very light single window UI, using this software is very easy, you will start learning it from the first time.

All you have to do is just add your music library folders, and the software will do the rest of the things automatically.

The UI is very elegant; you will see your current playing song in the horizontal status bar at the bottom including the album art too with an additional visual spectrum to make it look good.

It has a very good search function, it is very quick responding, allows you to get your song from your search in seconds.

It works with all popular formats and other like FLAC too.

It has a playlist and duplicate track removal etc. features.

You can also download some additional plugins to improve and increase the functions of this software also you can remove vocal from the song using this software.

This software is available for all versions of windows and also for Linux, to start your download just click on the link given in the title.


AIMP looks more like your car dashboard in some way because it feels more like tachometer and speedometer in the UI.

The colors are similar to Winamp.There is no need for scanning your library, just add few songs and rest will be done AIMP itself.

There is no need for scanning your library, just add few songs and rest will be done AIMP itself.

It works with all great music extensions, and it also has all standard functions like crossfader, equalizer, and shuffle.

The things are really accessible.

You can also connect to internet radio, and capture radio streams in all possible audio formats.

It also supports audio encoding and playlist generation as well.

AIMP also includes plugin support which will help you to connect to internet based services like

You can also change UI as you like.

You can download skins to make it look better.

This software is available for all versions of Windows and is also available for Android in case you loved it too much to install it on your phone.To start your download just click on the link given in the title.

To start your download just click on the link given in the title.

8. Winamp

It’s difficult to discuss music player software list even without specifying Winamp, which is ostensibly the best music player application at any point made.

This is another best one in our this list of best music players for PC.

Despite the fact that the veteran of music player programming is no longer work in progress, you can download the most recent stable form the link given in the title.

9. Windows Media Player

If you would prefer not to try introducing yet another music application, you can go for the Windows’ local Windows Media Player.

It’s fabricated firmly, has hearty library administration elements, and works by and large well.

There is no need to download this software on windows.

Why?It is already available on your Windows PC.

Because it is already available on your Windows PC. :p

10. VLC Media Player

We all know how really extremely excellent VLC Media Player is.

VLC Media Player is well-known and one of the best music players for PC.

It is the across the board media player application that can play pretty much any configuration you toss at it.

Furthermore, you can be damn well beyond any doubt it will serve your music playback needs fine.Download it from the link given in the title.

Download it from the link given in the title.

Over to You!

Music is the most helpful thing in the world in all moods.

It never let you feel down, then why your music player will make you feel down?

Hope this post will help you to find your best music players for PC and hope you can enjoy your music on your desktop.

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