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Hoverwatch Review 2017 ~ Best Mobile Phone Tracking App

Have you lost your costly mobile phone in the past? I know that feeling very well because same happened with me a few days ago. So, that is the only reason behind of today’s post. I came up with the best mobile location tracking tool. The name of the magical device is Hoverwatch, and that is why post’s title name is Hoverwatch Review 2017 Edition.

Hoverwatch Review 2017 – Trusted Location Tracker App

Hoverwatch is not only mobile location tracking software but also it will assist you in monitoring your PC/Computer. It’s not necessary that you’re using your cell phone or anyone else. It will record all the activities too if anyone else is using your devices (Cell Phone or Computer).

If you want to spy on your kids, then Hoverwatch is a must to have tool for you because it can track the location even he/she off GPS tracker. Along with tracking the location, It will work as a digital eye, where ever they’re and whatever they’re doing on their cell phones. You can call a Digital Spy to Hoverwatch.

What is Hoverwatch? (Hoverwatch Review)

Hoverwatch is a digital software that can spy on Android devices and on Windows devices too. This mobile tracking software is specially designed for those who care about their loved ones. To use Hoverwatch, You don’t need any basic computer operating skills because it is very easy to use. Just download it on your Android device or Tablet and then enjoy it.

Refog Inc makes all products of Hoverwatch, and this company is in the market from last fourteen years. So, don’t worry about any scam because you’re 100% safe with Hoverwatch’s products. This Hoverwatch Review is only for knowledge because I always want to grab something particular and unique for my readers and that will help my readers. Scroll down and read full Hoverwatch Review Now.

Hoverwatch’s Supportable Devices List

Hoverwatch is supportable to all devices that are trending nowadays. The list is given below.

  • Android: – Hoverwatch is supportable with Android devices, but you need version 4.x to 6.x.
  • Windows: – If you’re a Windows user and want to use Hoverwatch, then you must have any one version of Windows like as; Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Keep in mind that, when you install it then must give administrator permission to this software.
  • Mac: – Hoverwatch is supported with those all Mac computers which are running with OS X, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12. Just like as Windows, In Mac, you also need to give administrator permission.

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Features of Hoverwatch – Hoverwatch Review

Do you know why I wrote Hoverwatch Review? I know you don’t; Okay let me tell you. I wrote Hoverwatch Review just because of the amazing and unbelievable features of this mobile tracking software. Let’s read all features of this magical location tracker software. And I’m damn sure guys, after reading these features you can understand, Why I wrote this review of Hoverwatch.

  1. Online Camera Tracking: – The most unusual and unique feature of Hoverwatch is online camera tracking. If the phone (Which you want to track.) have a front camera, then it will take a photo shot secretly and send you. Not a good feature? :p Let’s read next feature. 🙂
  2. Phone Internet History Tracker: – As I already mentioned above, sometimes, some of us want to protect their loved ones and kids. They want to know, what kids are watching, doing, and surfing on the internet. So, if you’re also from those, then this software is only for you. Because it will send you the whole internet history of the victim. Just like above feature, this is a most useful feature of Hoverwatch. And I also loved it most. I hope, you already know why I loved it. :p
  3. Record All Calls and SMS: – It does not matter, what you are, A father or A lover. But if you want to spy on all incoming and outgoing calls of the victim’s cell phone. Just go on Hoverwatch’s site and purchase this software now. You can also try its trial version to feel and know its working style.
  4. Saves All the Contacts: – Do you want to know what contact have saved your kid in his/her cell phone? Contacts are safe or not? And much more related things. :p If yes, then Hoverwatch will fulfill your this requirement for sure.
  5. Monitor All Sent and Received SMS and MMS: – Almost every youngster and teenager want to communicate with others by SMS and MMS. And most of the teenagers don’t want to share anything with their parents. Parents always want the safety of their children, and if you’re one from those parents, then Hoverwatch is the perfect solution for you because it will track all sent and received messages with the exact time.
  6. Track Cell Phone Location: – We all want to save our loved ones; parents want to keep their kids from bad persons, BF/GF want also want to track the location of his/her lover :p and Hoverwatch software have this great feature. You can track the victim’s location even if the user has turned off both Wi-Fi and GPS. Hoverwatch has the functionality to track the targetted device’s location with the help of nearby network distributor towers.
  7. Spy on Facebook, Whatsapp & Sky Messages: – The only task needed from your side to install this app on the targetted device and rest Hoverwatch will do for you. It will track all received/sent messages, audio/video files, calls, and other files too. After tracking all data, it will send you from scratch.
  8. Track To-do Lists: – Sometimes, we use a to-do list to note, what things we will do today or on a fixed day and Hoverwatch is the only best app that can send you the to-do list data from victim’s cell phone. So, if you want this feature, then yeah, Hoverwatch have it. 😉
  9. Tracks SIM Card Changes: – In simple words, Hoverwatch has the functionality to track the replacement of sim cards with the time and date. It will notify when and where targetted device has changed its current sim. And, huge thanks to Hoverwatch, because it will record all the data even the victim will change his/her sim card. So don’t worry about it. 🙂 Let’s read next features of Hoverwatch.
  10. Tracks SMS, GPS Calls, and Messages in Stealth Mode: – Just like an incognito tab of the browser, Hoverwatch also can work. Means, It’s impossible to know by the user, the tracker is installed or not just because of stealth (Invisible) mode. To invisible it, you need to follow few steps – just check the box “Activate as Invisible Mode on the Device.” That’s it.

Pricing Details of Hoverwatch

However, the Hoverwatch is free but only for seven days trial period. :p But if you need all the features which are mentioned above, then there are two plans of Hoverwatch. First one is personal and second one is the family plan.

By investing money in this useful software, you’ll never feel bad. Because by using this tracking software, you’ll feel much better than other rest apps.

  • Hoverwatch Personal Plan’s Cost Pricing: – If you want to use as a personal user, then there are three pricing plans are available. 1 – Monthly, 2 – Quarterly, and 3 – Yearly. Hoverwatch’s monthly cost is $19.95, quarterly program’s cost is $16.65X3=$39.95, and the Yearly cost is $8.33X12=$99.95. So, purchase annual plan to get huge discount from Refog Inc. 😉

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  • Hoverwatch Family Plan’s Cost Pricing: – Just like a personal plan, in a family plan, you can see three cost pricing offers. But the different thing is, you can use this plan on five devices. I mean to say you can track five devices at a time with a single family plan. Hoverwatch’s family program’s monthly cost is $7.99, the quarterly plan is $6.66X3=$99.95, and Annually cost is $3.33X12=$199.95. Grab annual plan if you can because you’ll get discounted by Refog Inc.

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Refund Policy of Hoverwatch

In case you are not satisfied with this app, then there is also seven days of return policy available. So, If you want your money back, then give support team a genuine reason, and they will give you your hard-earned money as soon as they can.

Things You Can Do with Hoverwatch

  1. Business Purpose: – If you have multiple employees in your office, then go with the family plan. You can track all the activities your employees are doing online to grow your business. This powerful and amazing software will work as your third eye. 🙂
  2. Home Purpose: – If you want to secure your kids and want to see what your kids are doing online, then go with the personal plan. Always keep in mind that guys, It’s not only track SMS but also track all online activities of your kid easily and give you the all data quickly.

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Wrapping it Up

So above I have shared Hoverwatch Review with its all premium features, cost pricing plans, and much more information about it. If you have any query related to Hoverwatch, then you can drop your question below using commentator box. Don’t forget to share this spying app with your friends and relatives so that they can also use this tool to save their kids from unknowing activities. You can also subscribe us if you want more related kind of stuff direct into your mailbox. Hoverwatch Review is over. :p Thanks for reading. 🙂

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I have been using phone tracking apps, but after using Hoverwatch cell phone tracking app, I got shocked by its incredible features. It is one of the best mobile tracking app (software) that can do all task that a customer wants. So, If you're looking for any phone spying software, then forget all other software and go with Hoverwatch mobile spying app. I'm damn sure guys after using its premium features; you'll never regret it. So go and grab the discount as soon as you can. 🙂



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