100 Telegram Channels List [Best 2017] With Joining Links

Last Updated: October 25, 2017
Best Telegram Channels List – Are you looking for the best telegram channels list? Then you are at right place, as I am going to share the latest collection of telegram channels from various genres. These channels are active and will keep you updated with the latest content.

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Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels List

Telegram Channels

Telegram is one of the oldest and big competitors of WhatsApp, Hike, Google Allo, and other messaging apps. Recently telegram reaches the 100 million users milestone. However, Whatsapp has overtaken its competitors still telegram is the first choice for many users.

According to the telegram, their app is the fastest messenger on the internet. Like Whatsapp, the Telegram is also 100{1f53e8448d6a57dc0342e3e42b759217fa3b1c51cc57404937ab96330f03e3ef} free with no ads inside. Well, the telegram app has many unique features that some major messaging apps are missing. Telegram channels are one of those features.

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What is a Telegram Channel?

What is a Telegram Channel?

What is a Telegram Channel?

The telegram comes with some useful features that are interesting and helpful. You can create groups, secret chats, and channels.

Well, telegram channels are a broadcast list where the creatoráof channel post useful content relevant to channel category.

The people who joined or subscribed the channel can access the content into their inbox list. The admin of any channel can only post in the channel; he can also make more admins to manage the channel.

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How to Join Telegram Channels?

How to Join a Telegram Channel?

How to Join Telegram Channels?

Well, if you want some useful resources or information related to your interest area then you can join a related channel. Follow below simple steps to subscribe any channel on Telegram.

STEP 1 –

Download and install telegram app from play store. Now create an account using your mobile number.



STEP 2 –

Navigate through below table list and choose the channel that you want to join.

STEP 3 –

Click on the channel’s join link, and you will be asked to open telegram app on your smartphone, click on Telegram app option.

Join Telegram Channel

Choose Telegram Channel

STEP 4 –

Now you can see a join button in the footer of the channel just tap on it.

Click Join Telegram Channel Button

Join Telegram Channel

STEP 5 –

You have successfully joined the channel. Now you can access the resources and download the stuff from the channel. You will get three option in the channel homepage from corner menu.

First is the search option that you can use to search anything in the channel. The second is report option that you can use to report the channel. And the third is mute which is useful when you are busy with other tasks and not want to get notifications of the channel.

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How to Create a Telegram Channel?

How to Create a Telegram Channel?

How to Create a Telegram Channel?

Once you start using telegram, you will wish to have your channel. Well, creating the one is not a difficult task to perform. Follow below steps, and you are all set to go.

STEP 1 –

Open the telegram app on your smartphone or tablet.

STEP 2 –

Navigate to upper left corner and tap on the menu button. Now jump to the new channel option and tap on it.

Create A New Telegram Channel

Create A New Telegram Channel

STEP 3 –

Just enter the channel name and an informative description of your channel.

Enter New Telegram Channel Name & Description

Enter New Telegram Channel Name & Description

STEP 4 –

Now you will see two option public channel and private channel. The public channel can be joined by anyone by search option. And the private channel can only be entered via an invite link. Just choose the one option which you want.

Telegram Channel Privacy Option

Telegram Channel Privacy Option

STEP 5 –

After that choose your channel’s profile picture.

Change Telegram Channel Profile Picture

Change Telegram Channel Profile Picture

STEP 6 –

Copy your channel link and share it with others to let them join your channel.

You can promote your channel via other social media platforms. Keep posting the valuable content in your channel.

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Best Telegram Channels List 2017

These are some of the best channels on the based of categories. Most of these channels have thousands of subscribers. You can join any channel that suits your interest. If you are a geek, you can join technology channels, if you are music lover you can join music channel. Follow above tutorial and join any telegram channel from below telegram channels list.

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Here is the list of best telegram channels which are based on various categories.

1. Technology Telegram Channels


Are you a geek aka tech-savvy person like me? Then this is the segment of telegram channels that you must join. You will be updated with latest tech news, gadgets and smartphones launch, new app releases, tips & tricks, tutorials and much more.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Hackers HoodJoin
Hacking ChannelJoin
Premium APKJoin
Serve Me TechJoin
Apps WorldJoin
Programming TipsJoin
Life HackerJoin

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2. Entertainment Telegram Channels


Assuming that you are a Bollywood or Hollywood freak then you should join entertainment channels. You will get the latest news related to celebrities, new movies, box office buzz, etc.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Get HappyJoin
Like You BroJoin
Latest Hindi MoviesJoin
Desi MoviesJoin
Movies EmpireJoin
English BooksJoin
Boring ClassJoin
My Music ChannelJoin

3. News – Telegram Channels


If you are one of them, who love reading breaking news and keep them updated with the happenings around the world. Then you can subscribe to some news channels from below telegram channel list.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Daily psychologyJoin
The First LadyJoin
Telegram GeeksJoin
Market MonarchJoin
Telegram NewsJoin
Yid NewsJoin
E PapersJoin
Daily MustreadsJoin

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4. Music Telegram Channels


I love listening to my favorite songs from new albums, and I am damn sure you also love listening to your favorite music. Do you want latest songs and albums direct in your telegram box? Then hit hard on some music-related channel’s buttons.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Telegram MusicJoin
Daily_Music 😉Join
Best Popular MusicsJoin
The HitsJoin
Up Music NowJoin
Rock EverydayJoin
Epic MusicJoin
Youtube SoundsJoin
The SoundJoin
Bollywood SongsJoin

5. Programmers


If you are a programmer or want to be a, then you can join below channel from telegram channel list. As you will get some funny jokes related to programmers and coding. What’s better than learning with fun. 🙂

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Programmer JokesJoin
Computer JokesJoin
iOS DevJoin
Programming TipsJoin
PHP DevJoin
Dev ChampionsJoin
Programmers StyleJoin
Java E-BooksJoin
The Art Of ProgrammingJoin

6. Gif Channel Telegram Channels

GIF Telegram Channels

Credits – Giphy

The nameásays it all; it is a Gif channel where you will get funny and educational Gifs. You can directly download and save these Gifs to your gallery. Then you can share them on other social media platforms.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
GIFs CollectionJoin
@Smart GIFsJoin
Best GIFsJoin
GIF ChannelJoin
Cool Teleporn GIFJoin
GIF Me NowJoin

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7. Adult Telegram Channels 18+

Under 18 Not Allowed

If you are a kid, I will strongly suggest you stay away from this segment. If you are 18+, then join these channels. These channels will provide you adult related content in the form of images and videos.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Adult ChannelsJoin
Twerk TeamJoin
Rate My PicJoin
Porn AddictJoin
Sexy PeopleJoin
Best WebcamsJoin
Hot Selfie PicsJoin
Nude CollectionJoin

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8. Quotes Telegram Channels


Now get some inspirational quotes direct in your telegram inbox. Just subscribe to some quotes related channels from below telegram channel list.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
// QuoteJoin
Minions QuotesJoin
Like You BroJoin
Great QuotesJoin
Minion QuotesJoin
GoodReads QuotesJoin
Bright QuotesJoin
Best LinesJoin
Emotional QuotesJoin

9. Books Telegram Channels


Do you love reading books? Then nothing is better than getting the latest books and book-related content in your inbox list. Here is some books related telegram channel list.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
Books ManiaJoin
English BooksJoin
JAVA E-BooksJoin
English AudioBooksJoin
English BooksJoin
Books WorldJoin
Book StoreJoin
Travel BooksJoin
Punjabi BooksJoin

10. Best Apps Telegram Channels

Best Apps

If you are an Android user, then I am sure you love trying some interesting apps. These apps related channels will keep you updated with new and mod version of apps. You can directly download and install them.

Telegram ChannelsJoin Links
King AppsJoin
Free AppsJoin
App Store DealsJoin
Free Paid Android AppsJoin
Android Paid AppsJoin
Price Drop! [iOS]Join
Price Drop! [Mac]Join
APK ShareJoin
Paid StoreJoin
Free StoreJoin

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Final Verdict!

Hope you liked the best telegram channels list based on various categories and genres. You can join these channels and get benefit from them. If you found something inappropriate or illegal, then don’t forget to report it using report section from the upper right corner menu.


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