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Do I really have to pay for a VPN?

If somebody offers you a free cup of coffee and the same cup of coffee for a particular amount, which one will you prefer? Risky people always choose an unpaid option while more cautious ones are always afraid of a mousetrap and pay. Do you know what smart people do? Sure, they ask a person who offers, why this coffee is really for free. The same principle is with free VPN. People are not confident enough to inquire unpaid VPNs unless they know they will get a high level of safety which these services provide.

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Are free VPN services really free?

You don’t need to be an economist to know that if some company can’t cover all costs related to production, it cannot operate. If creating a VPN is related to considerable costs, why allowing consumers to use them for free? One may know about why do they really operate in such a way, but the real reasons are not so difficult to understand:

  1. Getting money through advertisements: clients may not see any advertisements with paid virtual private networks. But if they use VPNs paying nothing – they should not get disappointed of instant ads and redirections. There is no fraud here; it remains the main way how free providers can earn money;
  2. A free service doesn’t allow for all the available opportunities: such services have both free and paid packages. Unpaid packages stay relevant for some simple operations, but they remain too weak for more advanced staff. If you need a VPN for remote work, you will definitely acquire a paid version;
  3. Selling the data: although the free service encrypts your data, it may store it and send to the agency which analyzes it making marketing decisions. This data is so valuable that it covers all benefits the company could get requiring fees instead.

It is evident that there is no free cheese here. Clients always pay for a VPN. If they don’t want to pay with their money – they pay with their data, attention, or the service quality.

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Lets coming to the main point of this article;

How to choose a VPN Service?

The first thing any prospective acquirer of a VPN should do is to decide, why to install such a system? Do you need it for remote work or maybe you need it for safely browsing websites while using public Wi-fi? If you need VPN for simple tasks, there is nothing to worry about. If you need VPN to protect corporate data or important files – don’t expect free services to give you enough protection.

Don’t consider price as a key factor in choosing your virtual private network. Read reviews and analyze the quality they provide. Even though the free service may appear right, after some months you might understand that using it only wastes your time. Rely on other users’ experiences, only in that case; the chosen solution will satisfy your needs.
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